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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility Bun Toons

Just so we're clear...I'm not responsible for this cartoon.

Let’s count all the ways history got it wrong…

the inevitable conclusion

In case anyone wasn’t up on this week’s moron-fan du jour…a blogger named “Janey” accused Rick Remender of writing a scene of statutory rape between The Falcon and a severely underaged character named “Jet”.  Of course, the very script in question included a scene giving the character’s age as twenty-three, but reading that panel would have spoiled all the rage and indignity this moron blogger could muster.

Test your reading comprehension skills against "Janey" the moron.

Test your reading comprehension skills against “Janey” the moron.

Add that to the fact that Jet is the one clearly seducing Falcon throughout the scene, and of course, her righteous rage started a twitter hashtag “#firerickremender” that had quite a bit of steam for a couple of days…despite being based entirely on one moron with a grudge against the writer and the keen analytic mind of a stray dog.

Oh, internet.  Is there anything your rush to judgement cannot make better?

Apparently Janey has had to take down her blog page due to internet flaming. She aggressively tried to cost someone their livelihood because of her own moron fueled actions and is now apparently upset that there’s a consequence to that.  Who’d have thunk?

Ty the Guy OUT!


I understand the Falcon is getting his own series from Marvel fairly soon.  I hope they give it a writer who isn’t obsessed with statutory rape scenes, as, you know…. some people are.

falcon is angry



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