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Wide Awake Bun Toons! YAY!

new mentor-hat

It’s like electricity is shooting through my brain.

Almost a true story.

Emotionally true, anyway.

imagine my surprise websize

I cannot stress enough how little regard I have for the any of the previous attempts to recapture the magic of Star Wars.  Though I consider Empire a decent enough film, it’s hardly in the same league as the sublimely wonderful original picture.  Somehow, J. J. Abrams loved the franchise enough to give us a sequel you can bite into.  It’s flawed, it’s a little bit TOO much of an homage to the original, and there are some plot holes that the Millennium Falcon can fly through, but who cares?

Finally we have a Star Wars that’s FUN, exciting, FUNNY, clever, well-acted, and I am even willing to buy into the mythology of it all, this time around.   Shows you what a missed opportunity the last four or five films have been.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Many moons ago, when the trailer first came out, I sensed a tingling in the force…here’s the Bun Toon from that week.

bunny force awakens

Hee hee.

Not disappointed.

star wars pitches

About ten years ago, I did a graphic novel for Vertigo Comics called “BIGG TIME”.  It was a satire of the entertainment industry and the whole need for fame in the American psyche…and on page 71, a character showed up wearing a T-Shirt with a special message…


If you can’t read the shirt is says “I’m Still Waiting for Star Wars Episode Seven”.


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May the Rabbit Be With You Bun Toons! YAY!

These ARE the toons you're looking for.

These ARE the toons you’re looking for.

websize force awakens

Maybe it’s because the world kinda sucks right now, Ghomeshi, Cosby, Ferguson…maybe I just want a silly little space opera to be an empty confection.  That would be lovely.

Ty the Guy OUT!


A couple of months back, Marvel announced it was publishing the Star Wars comics, moving forward, now that the synergy of Marvel/Disney/Star Wars is all the same mega-corporation…

marvel star wars colour websize



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For last week’s attack on another fictional institution, click here.

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For the Bun Toons archive, click here.