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Um…oh boy…ahh…

So Ty wandered by my computer and was checking out the stats on his last post.  “Why isn’t anybody checking out Lee Weeks?” he asked. “People LOVE Lee Weeks!”

Well, gosh, umm…it probably helps if I actually put the hyper-links in properly.


Umm…they’re there now. And here…Lee Weeks, The New Wave pages.



I’m trying to get into the habit of posting original art pages for sale on Mondays, and today’s pages are from a really fun, but slightly obscure gig I did with Lee Weeks back when the Earth was still cooling.

It was called “The NEW WAVE” and it was meant to launch a new bi-weekly comic universe for Eclipse Comics back in the early nineties.  We did twelve page comics every two weeks, for half price.  (Comics were a buck a pop back when the Earth was cooling.)  Not a bad idea in practice, sort of a revival of the “Nickel Comics” idea from Fawcett back in the golden age….

We lasted something like fifteen issues before the idea went kablooie, but in the meantime, I got to ink over Paul Gulacy for a cover, and interiors by a  couple of young kids named Lee Weeks and Erik Larsen in what I THINK was their first professional penciling assignments.  It certainly was for Larsen, and it was my first pro inking gig as well (unless you count all that work I did for Vortex, which was HARDLY a professional situation.)

Weeks was already showing his future promise with these pages we did together, his Buscema influence in clear evidence throughout.  Of course, nowadays Lee is one of the best illustrators in the biz, doing some of the best Avengers, Spider-Man and Marvel comics of the last ten years.

But I knew him then…And now so can you. Check ’em out.

Ty the Guy