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Away at Halifax Hal-Con Bun Toons! Well…

What?  Again?  It's not even summer?

What? Again? It’s not even summer?

At the time you are reading this, I’m snugly ensconced in Halifax, enjoying the maritime weather in November and meeting the fans down East.    I wanted to do a new Rob Ford Bun Toon to celebrate the delightful nonsense going on back in my home town in the last few days, but since I got on a plane on Thursday, I haven’t been near a scanner or computer with photoshop on it.

Besides…the Rob Ford Bun Toon I ran back in May still holds up.  Nothing’s changed.

It’s been one long drunken stupor.

mayor rob websizeWho…I mean WHO would have believed it was all a lie back then?  How simple the world was in May when our mayor was only an ALLEGED crack head.

Simpler Times.

Ty the Guy OUT OF TOWN!

I know I shouldn’t do this…it’s too easy.



See you next week. (for those of you who are actually in Halifax and want to find me at Hal-Con, check the schedule on my APPEARANCES page.)

For last week's Bun Toon featuring loveable Charlie Manson, click here.

For last week’s Bun Toon featuring loveable Charlie Manson, click here.