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FanExpo Canada: Thursday

I’ll be sitting at P16A beside the always incredible Leonard Kirk, between 4 and 9 (I think the con starts at 3pm but with traffic and lineups and having to get my passes, let’s play it safe!). I will have Star Trek books, sketchcovers, Batman 66 issues and lots more. I’ll be doing sketches (Keiren will have a list). I don’t charge for signing books but I will be asking people to donate to one of my absolute favourite charities, Hero Initiative so they can keep up all the good work they do to help out comics people in need.

I’ll be spending all my time at my table except when;

I will be part of a sketch duel against…TOM GRUMMETT at 5:45 pm in Room 716.

I will be teaching a workshop, Comic Writing/Storytelling:  How to tell a story in pictures at 7:15pm in Room 703. (If you can’t make the workshop or would like to take my entire course on Layouts, called HOW TO DRAW COMICS, there are still a few spaces open. Info is HERE.)

And don’t forget! My Kickstarter for OH, THE PLACES YOU’LL BOLDLY GO! Check it out now and see the list of great rewards (even I don’t know who the voice will be on the audiobook…although I do know who they were talking to…). Click on the angry Gorn to be taken to the link:

00 small file gorn fight

Ty the Guy OUT!



Tomorrow…The Joe Shuster Awards!


Tomorrow will be the 10th year that The Joe Shuster Awards will be giving out awards to deserving Canadian comics creators. The ceremony will take place in the Back Space, the event space that shares an address with The Comic Book Lounge & Gallery.

This year, Ty is again nominated for Web Comic Creator. Fingers crossed! (Although everyone on the list is so amazing…and we’re both kinda pulling for Attila Adjornay who has been nominated for his beautiful Metaphysical Neuroma). But…win or lose, Ty will be inducted into The Canadian Comic Book Creators Hall of Fame (along with Cy Bell and Edmond Good).

Did this image up a couple years ago so it's missing a few more credits...Batman '66 #2 and #6, Batman '66 Meets The Green Hornet and...more. Many more.

Did this image up a couple years ago so it’s missing a few more credits…including Batman ’66 #2 and #6, Batman ’66 Meets The Green Hornet and…more. Many more.

The event starts at 8pm (doors open at 7pm); gathering afterwards to give people a chance to talk and look at some of the artwork from past Shusters. Check the website for information on all the nominees, and bios of the Hall of Fame inductees.





Brave, Fearless, and Courageous Bun Toons! YAY!

You feel like, Rabbit?  Go ahead and make my day.

You feel lucky, Rabbit? Go ahead and make my day.

There’s little you need to know that isn’t in the comic this week…except you should understand that EVERY word in this is verbatim true.

(click on the toon to make it bigger if it’s hard to read.)

two fisted teacher websize

Ty the Guy OUT!

PS:  If you want to check out the school, the website is found HERE, but there will be no promises of SWAT teams in the future.



today is my youngest son’s fifteenth birthday, so your BONUS moments involve the lad.  He was ten when I wrote this:


this was one of the FIRST Bun Toons I did, back when the internet was in black and white.


It’s hard to tell, but Sean is the one in the lavender shirt.  He was thirteen when I wrote this one.  Happy Birthday Boy!


for last week's Bun Toon, click here.

for last week’s Bun Toon, click here.

for the archives, click here

for the archives, click here

The NEW Silver Snail!! The Old Ty Templeton!

It’s been an incredibly busy couple of months what with starting up my COMIC BOOK BOOTCAMP, attending FanExpo Canada 2012, Montreal Comic Con, all while still working on Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Adventures ( as well as other projects, currently too secret to discuss!!) This week is particularly packed with events–(Including an open house at my new school/Comic Book Embassy this Saturday!  392 Spadina Ave. in Toronto! I’ll discuss this more in depth tomorrow) but I still made time to be at the opening of the brand new Yonge Street location of Silver Snail Comics.

Checking out the Spidey hanging over the front stairs

The Silver Snail is one of the planet’s best comic stores (and JUST awarded the Shuster Award for Best Comic Store in Canada, 2012, so there’s proof) and the store and I have a personal history.  When it first opened in Toronto at its original Queen Street location in 1976, I was its first customer through their doors on opening day at the age of 14 (buying some back issues of Captain America-Clear Memory Ty), and so with the new change of ownership and change of location, I was honoured to be asked back to do the same thing…

Checking out the new comics rack

So, yesterday morning, I packed my kids in the car…and let Keiren drive so we could all nap as it was only 7am. We arrived at 329 Yonge Street as the store opened for the FIRST DAY at 8am. Because of the café located at the front of the store, proud new owner, George Zotti and his partner, have chosen to open at 8am each day, and remain open until 10pm.  Yup, you heard that right…until TEN PM!

With an actual glass bottle of Coke in hand from the café, I got to walk around and check out the impressively huge new space. My kids got to browse as well, eventually sitting in the kids’ area, a table and chairs set in front of the rack full of kid-friendly comics (including my latest issues of Ultimate Spidey!)

So, the family got to be the official first customers of the new location (although technically, it was my daughter as she actually paid so she could take quick posession of her Archie Comics digest) and my son, former Silver Snail employee, Kellam was the second official customer.

The first stack of comics sold at the new Silver Snail!  I chat with new owner George Zotti about gray hair, baldness and the lost dreams of my youth.

Dreams fulfilled…I have my morning Coca Cola, and all is well.

My daughter Kate, showing off the Archie comic that was on the top of the stack, making THIS digest from Riverdale the first OFFICIAL comic book rung up at the new store!  ARCHIE RULES!!

No, you can’t buy this kick ass Batman Jacket at the store…my wife made it from an old bed spread from back when I was the Snail’s original customer.  Once again, mixing the old with the new.  (I’m the old…)

So…you’re all too late to be there first, but PLEASE come and be there second, or at least part of a ten thousand way tie for second.  The new Silver Snail rocks out, and is great danger of becoming a Toronto Yonge Street landmark for decades to come.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS New Silver Snail Moment:

A nice close up shot of the New Silver Snail’s New Mascot, Venom/Spidey!  He hangs over the entrance stairway, either protecting or threatening the customers…As long as he can save Gwen if she ever falls down the stairs, or off a bridge or something, I’m good…

Free Bun Toons! YAY!

Today, just for you guys…no charge.

It’s Free Comic Book Day!   The day that makes Halloween, Christmas and Super-Bowl Sunday feel like a stomach cramp on a sewage dump.    Get out to your local comic store and grab some goodies, and remember to bring the kids, we need to get them addicted while they’re too young to resist.

Hee hee.  I drew the naked people anatomically correct before I blurred it all out.  That’s the real perk to my skill set, I can draw out-of-shape naked people ANY time I want.

Stop reading the internet you fools.  GO OUT FOR FREE COMICS!


When everything’s free, everything’s a free bonus, but you get one anyway.

For those who live in Toronto, come on down tonight, to the COMIC BOOK LOUNGE for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY (just east of the corner at College and Clinton!) then come back in the evening and watch ON THE COUCH…our live comic book talk show.  I’ll be at the Lounge all day, doing sketches from 2.00 pm until 7.00, when I’ll take a break for dinner and come back for the talk show!   Too much fun for one location!


For last week’s distaff Bun Toons, drawn by my daughter and my daughter in law, click the bunny boy.

For Every Bun Toon Ever (constantly FREE, just like FREE comic book day!) click the bunny boy again!


It’s January, and we’re counting down the days until Ty starts teaching his next set of classes at Toronto Cartoonists Workshop.

Before he does though, the one and only Leonard Kirk is teaching a SNEAK PEEK WORKSHOP on DYNAMIC PAGE COMPOSITION. That class will be THIS Saturday, January 7, 1-4pm. Click through to book a spot; it’s $25/+HST.

Next Wednesday, January 11, it’s Ty’s turn for a SNEAK PEEK WORKSHOP, FIGURE DRAWING FOR THE COMIC BOOK ARTIST. This will be a three-hour look at what is a brand spankin’ new class. There will be a live model and instruction from Ty.  The class runs 7-10pm. Click through to book a spot; $25/+HST.

Classes “officially” begin the week of January 16. First up will beWRITING FOR COMICS, LEVEL ONE. Immediately following this session, Ty will be teaching a brand new course which will be WRITING FOR COMICS, LEVEL TWO. Level One starts Monday January 16, 7-10pm. Click through to book a spot. If you’re interested in Level Two, but it’s been a while since you’ve taken Level One, talk to Sean Menard, TCW director–he’s offering an AMAZING DEAL wherein you can get a 50% discount off of the first course.

On Tuesdays, beginning January 17, 7-10pm, Ty will be teaching INKING FOR COMICS. This is a brand new course; previous versions involved four different inkers teaching their methods and ideas. This course will be taught solely by Ty, and will involve lots of in-class work so that you can get immediate feedback on your techniques. Click through to book a spot.

Starting on Wednesdays, the following week, Ty will be teaching the full version of FIGURE DRAWING FOR THE COMIC BOOK ARTIST. This class will involve a different live model each week, with ongoing instruction from Ty.

Check out the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop website for all details and for all the other courses available. There’s also a course about watercolour painting, Life Drawing with Geordie Miller, and–yayyy!! Dave Ross will be teaching a class on Designing Environments and Props for the Comic Book Artist.

Learn how to do this from artist Dave Ross


Simpsons Comics #180 by Ty the Guy, eh?

It’s been a few months since I played in Springfield, and I have an issue of Simpsons Comics out this week (or last week in some markets), but this time, I didn’t play in Springfield.

I played in Canada.

Bongo doesn't put the writer/artist credits on the cover anymore, so it's not that well known that I do these from time to time. I'll mention here that I wrote and drew this issue.

Yes, that’s right.  I was delighted that the fine folks at Bongo let me move the Simpsons to Toronto, Ontario, Canada (my home town) for one issue.  Those who live here know Toronto has more donut stores per capita than any other city on Earth.  It’s kind of weird that Homer has never been here for that reason alone, but we also have bacon, poutine, really, really violent hockey on TV round the clock and adorable animals on all the coins.    It kind of makes the Big Smoke (that’s the T-dot to you poor philistines who have to live eleswhere) the perfect location for Homer to live, and by the end of this story, he agrees.

Head out to the yer local comic stores this week to see what FINALLY brings Homer and the gang back to Springfield after Homer finds paradise under the CN Tower.  And if you like this ish, you may be happy to know that I’m starting to draw my next one in a week or so (from another Templeton script, it’s like I only work with very specific writers).

Ty the Guy OUT!


Here now, your BONUS Simpsons in Canada Moment:

You have to love that Marge is sensitive to the folks in Quebec who don't love the national flag...

This has NOTHING to do with comics.

I’ve been meaning to mention this for days now, as it’s just too stupid to keep to ourselves.  In Toronto, where I live and slave away at drawing the  Simpsons Comics this month,  (and finishing Johnny Canuck’s NORTHERN GUARD, and waiting for art in an upcoming issue of Mad Magazine, and, of course Marvel’s AGE OF HEROES is still on sale…plugging boy TY), the local laws have become amusing.

Now, we Canadians long got over the gay marriage and socialized medicine stuff….that’s everyday life  around here.  But lately in Toronto, the two big legal stories concern the recent court order making prostitution legal, and the recent by-law making it illegal to park more than one car in your driveway.

Freedom comes in many shapes and sizes.

Ty the Guy OUT!

This post wasn’t about comics, so you get no moment of zen.  Sorry, but  rules must be followed if order is to be maintained.

Saturday Morning Cartoons! YAY!

It’s A.M. on the Weekend, so you’re stuck with another webcomic, poor sods.

Keeping the internet entertained for over a hundredth of a century.

Normally, my little web-toon efforts are in colour, since the printing doesn’t cost extra, but today’s true story is best told in black and white.  Every word of this conversation was written down verbatim, within five minutes of it happening.   This tale has been in my sketch book for a while, and friends have suggested I share it with a larger audience.

It’s been a while, but I still think about this guy from time to time.

That’s it for today, web-crawlers.  See you soon with new pages for sale, a new “TOP SEVEN”, perhaps a space cow or two, a couple of new covers I’ve done,  and a bunch of new HOVERBOY toys and magazines that I found this week, including a RARE PULP cover, never before seen online!


Last Week’s Bun Toon.  Look to the Taco Chip and see the face of THE KING of KINGS!

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