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Fascinating Bun Toons. Not Yay.

Taken out by a smoking habit.  Spock could only be destroyed by something completely  illogical.

Taken out by a smoking habit. He could only be destroyed by something completely illogical.


spock rip

Ty the Guy OUT!


I was at a comic convention in Kitchener, Ontario yesterday, where I was asked to do a sketch of Mr. Spock.  This was about twenty minutes or so, magic markers on cardboard from a photo on a smart-phone.

kitchener spock

It turned out not bad for a marker sketch.

I’ve drawn Nimoy/Spock a zillion times over the years.  He was one of the faces I used when I first auditioned for Mad Magazine a lifetime ago…

mad spock source

Here’s Spock’s first appearance from issue #1 of the Star Trek miniseries I wrote for IDW a couple of years back:  MISSION’S END.  The pencils are by the delightfully skilled Steve Molnar.

spock idw panel

I loved the “alien” look on the character, looking down on Gary Mitchell and another crew-woman as they first encounter him.  One of my favorite moments from a script I wrote brought to life perfectly by Steve…

spock five

The “Spock Five” did, in fact, start with me.  I’ve been drawing these on Canadian money since the late seventies, and some time in the nineties, a TV producer friend of mine named Mark Askwith asked me to demonstrate the trick on TV.  Shortly after that, I started getting them back as change, which freaked me the f*** out the first time it  happened.    Apparently, they’re still around, and a few folks did up some new ones in hounour of Leonard’s passing.  (the bill up above is not one of mine, btw, but I can’t find an original bill anywhere and had to settle for one found online).

trek in four panels


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Bunny Funny



Many years ago, back when Ty and I were first living together, we went on a trip to New York that was to be capped off by our first convention together.  A chance to see Ty in his environment, in his element, with his peeps.  Heh.

My first sign of trouble was that Ty had never heard of the con before, “Odyssey Trek–what the heck kind of a name is that?”  The second sign of trouble was in the hotel lobby, “Honey,” I asked in a slightly confused voice, “Why is there a Klingon baby in a stroller?”.  Yep.  He’d been invited to a Star Trek convention.  Star Trek–not Star Trek comics, Star Trek.  Turns out one of the organizers was a huge Ty Templeton fan and really didn’t care that the rest of the committee apparently couldn’t see the point of inviting Ty–he wanted to meet Ty, so by God, he invited Ty.

It was a long weekend.

To be fair, Ty loves Star Trek and happily counts himself as a Trekkie (and defiantly so–won’t use the term “Trekker” and mocks those who do).  He was thrilled speechless to write a Star Trek mini last year.  But back then–

It was a long weekend.

I was threatened by the Klingon bodyguards when I tried to stand near Ty at a signing table–turns out he was beside Gowron, Chancellor of the Klingon Empire.  I believe I threatened to emasculate a few of them.

It was a long weekend.