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Saturday Morning Cartoons! YAY!

It’s A.M. on the Weekend, so you’re stuck with another webcomic, poor sods.

Keeping the internet entertained for over a hundredth of a century.

Normally, my little web-toon efforts are in colour, since the printing doesn’t cost extra, but today’s true story is best told in black and white.  Every word of this conversation was written down verbatim, within five minutes of it happening.   This tale has been in my sketch book for a while, and friends have suggested I share it with a larger audience.

It’s been a while, but I still think about this guy from time to time.

That’s it for today, web-crawlers.  See you soon with new pages for sale, a new “TOP SEVEN”, perhaps a space cow or two, a couple of new covers I’ve done,  and a bunch of new HOVERBOY toys and magazines that I found this week, including a RARE PULP cover, never before seen online!


Last Week’s Bun Toon.  Look to the Taco Chip and see the face of THE KING of KINGS!

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