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Ty is busy writing a story which has something to do with Twitter, so it’s been the subject of much discussion the last week. Which reminds me…Comic Book Resources has compiled as extensive a list as they can manage of anyone and everyone in the comics industry who are on Twitter. So, if you have someone you want to follow…check it out.

Ty is   @tytempleton.   


Big Max!

A couple of years ago, Ty persuaded Dan Slott to let Mr. Comics publish Big Max. It came out as Big Max #1 in 2006.

Dan had originally written it for a company that went out of business, and Big Max never saw print.  One of Dan’s favourite projects, he wanted it to see the light of day.  James Fry, the artist, had kept copies of all his artwork, and Dan got permission from James, inker Andrew Pepoy, and colorist  Twilight Graphics (not the best name to have to Google these days!) to reprint it. Although it was originally lettered by Chris Eliopoulos, I think he didn’t have copies of the original files…but Dan decided it was an opportunity to change the dialogue a little, and give it a final polish (what writer can resist that chance?  Most would continue rewriting as people are buying the books from under the author’s pens). So K.T. Smith stepped in to letter (and color a couple of pages for which the color file had gone astray).

We’re all pretty proud of the final product, but felt it never got the full audience it deserved…or perhaps the audience didn’t get the chance it deserved to read Big Max! To that end, Dan Slott  tweeted the entire issue on Christmas,   http://twitter.com/DanSlott…check it out when you have a chance.


Ty is now on…

www.twitter.com, @tytempleton.