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Comic Book Bootcamp–A look at some of the ‘graduates’

It’s time to register for the next session of classes at TCW!   Writing for Comics Level Two is only available for students who have finished Level One. New and returning students can enroll in Ty’s Comic Book Bootcamp Part One!! Yayyy!

When Ty created Comic Book Bootcamp, it was  such a popular class that the first group of students begged him to continue–and he created Part Two.  After a student finishes Part One and Two, as Ty tells them, they’re able to take all the skills he’s taught them,  go off and create on their own.

Holmes Incorporated by Christopher Yao

Ty is helped in this belief by a lot of evidence…over the years, many local Toronto creators have taken his Bootcamps. They came in with varying abilities and backgrounds but with an enthusiasm for learning, and a drive to practice practice practice until their skills got to where they could look for professional work, or start creating on their own.

Eden Bachelder was one of Ty’s first students. She’s an artist who works in oil and acrylic paints, leather and many other mediums.  After taking Ty’s Bootcamps  she participated in  Bootcamp Comics (writing and pencilling The Three Kinds of Sex), and  Holmes Incorporated #1, (pencilling Nightclubbing with writer Kathleen Gallagher).

Holmes Inc. #1 Nightclubbing pg 7, by Eden Bachelder

Eden does other freelance work (she illustrated a government colouring book I lettered for her!).  Here’s a sample of Eden’s cartooning work (this one is called Citizen Chauvelin Adjusts Himself“).

Eden Bachelder

Christopher Yao is at work on his creator-owned comic Fauntkin. He has participated in both Holmes Incorporated comic books,

Holmes Inc. #1, Welcome to Holmes Incorporated, art by Christopher Yao, story by Greg Dunford, letters by Keiren Smith

and recently, drew The Adventures of Y Guy, a mini-comic that Toronto Cartoonists Workshop produced in-house for the YMCA of Greater Toronto (which is currently being reprinted).

The Adventures of Y Guy, pg 3, art by Christopher Yao, script by Kathleen Gallagher, colours/letters by Keiren Smith


The Adventures of Y Guy is the first paid comics work of another former BootcamperKathleen Gallagher. Kathleen wrote stories in each of the Holmes Incorporated issues (Night Clubbing with Eden Bachelder on art, for #1, and Eight Seconds to Mayhem for #2 with Danny Setna on art).

Adam Gorham was an artist on Holmes Incorporated #1 after taking classes with Ty (The Fingerless Prince with writer Heather Emme).

Holmes Inc. #1, The Fingerless Prince pg. 3, art by Adam Gorham, script by Heather Emme, letters by Keiren Smith

Adam’s first work was The Vampire Conspiracy and he is currently working on Teuton, an ongoing comic series he co-created with  Fred Kennedy.

Teuton, Vol. 2 Trolls attack, art by Adam Gorham

Daniel Wong took Ty’s Bootcamp a couple years ago and signed up for Fit to Print’s Holmes Incorporated when he was finished. His story, The Family Name was chosen as the first story for the issue. Pages like this were the reason why:

Holmes Inc. #2, The Family Name by Daniel Wong, script by James Cooper

Daniel is busy working as a freelance illustrator, recently finishing a commissioned story written by his Holmes Inc. collaborator, James Cooper (who is continuing to write comics, write and direct short films and writes Bagged and Bored for Tdot Comics). That work isn’t published yet–but I’m sneaking in a page here.

Old Haunts pg 4, art by Daniel Wong, script by James Cooper

One of the hardest working students to ever grace a Bootcamp has to be the one, the only Gibson Quarter! When other students were asking how to find their first work, Gibson was busy networking and finding his own here and abroad. He’s worked with Alan Grant for his Wasted Magazine, pencilling Grant’s War on Drugs. (Grant started Wasted Magazine through his company Bad Press; sadly, it’s now defunct).

Wasted, California pg 5, pencils by Gibson Quarter, script by Alan Grant

Gibson was one of the first students to take a Bootcamp course, and one of the very few who got to take all three versions. Having finished Parts 1 and 2, he was able to join in on the fun with Holmes Incorporated. He pencilled Flight Plan (for writer Robert Pincombe) for Issue 1, and Polarized for Issue 2 (written by Sam Ruano).

Holmes Inc. #2, Polarized, art by Gibson Quarter, script by Kathleen Gallagher

Gibson is a workhorse, so I couldn’t possibly list everything he’s done.  He’s worked for FutureQuake Magazine, producing both a cover and interior work for Issue 15. He pencilled The Gutters with Ryan Sohmer, drawing #244. He’s in the current issue of Undertow #2 from 7th Wave (which is on the stands NOW. Review HERE. You can buy a copy from The Comic Book Lounge & Gallery, the comic store sharing space with…Toronto Cartoonists Workshop!). Gibson’s currently finishing up the pencils and inks on a story for Heroes of the North–to find out what’s next for him make sure you check out his art blog.

Deadpool Breaking Bad, pencils by Gibson Quarter, inks by Guillermo Ortego, colours by Keiren Smith

You’ll notice that all those mentioned have participated in one or both issues of Fit to Print’s:  Holmes Incorporated. The next Fit to Print will be starting up soon (looking at end of April/beginning of May?); in order to participate students have to completed at least Comic Book Bootcamp Part One.

Holmes Inc. art by Gibson Quarter, colours by Keiren Smith

This is just a quick list of some of the creators who’ve taken Ty’s classes–just think, next time I write this list up…YOU could be on it.


Going, going…GONE!!

I’m heading out the door to Fan Expo Canada 2010 right about….now!

Look for me at P66A in Artists’ Alley, or at the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop booth #4009 (where I’ll be sigining tomorrow, 2-4pm). At 8pm I’ll be doing a mini-version of my Comic Book Bootcamp.

MORE HOLMES INC. PAGES. (Imagine a big Michael Bay-like explosion right there and that’s how exciting this is)

Get out your heart medicine and keep it handy as you view these pages  – likely to burst your chest pumper with excitement!  In fact, keep a cardiologist on speed-dial as you check out the rich chocolatey goodness that is Holmes Incorporated.

Today’s sampling, fresh from the pile of pages which went off to the printer yesterday (late this morning?)…

Fingerless Prince, written by the Hellagood Heather Emme,  penciled and inked by the Amazing Adam Gorham, lettered by the  Cantakerous KT Smith, and enjoyed by humanity everywhere.

Okay. Two pages–that was the deal.  Any more and you’ll figure out the ending before the Holmes family does!

Come to FanExpo Canada next weekend to buy your very own issue from the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop before we sell out.   And while you’re there–all the creators will be doing signings over the weekend (I’ll be there Saturday, 2-4pm with Gibson Quarter), and you can breathe the rarefied air of artistic genius.

Now, I have no time to keep the avalanche of adjectives going so–go, go home!


Here now, your COMIC BOOK moment of zen.

UPDATE! According to my blog counter, there’s suddenly a thousand people showing up here, and I don’t want them to miss out on the earlier entries, cause THERE’S SO MUCH MORE HOLMES INC to see!

Go HERE for the cover!  Here for more pages!  Here for even MORE pages! and HERE for more pages.   This book is great to read, and fun to look at and I’m happy to be a part of the start of so many great careers in comics.  Check back on Monday for even MORE pages in this exciting new project, and don’t forget tomorrow, the GREATEST FIGHT IN HISTORY:  Hulk vs. Buddha.  (Go here to see JESUS vs. Superman!)

Holmes Incorporated Marches On!

…or would that be AUGUSTS on?  Wrong month, terrible pun.

The first issue is off to the printers today!  But the advance copies won’t be ready for sale until the FANEXPO convention at the end of the month, so I have plenty o’ time to show you lucky surfers of the info-wave what’s in store for the privileged few who will be in Toronto the last weekend of August.

AHHH! I expect a refund on my airline tickets.

The cover is by (yechh) Ty the Guy Templeton, often referred to as my wife’s best friend.  I wanted this to be the greatest cover of my career, but I think it turned out closer to the SEVENTH greatest cover of my career.  Considering I’ve done more than a hundred covers in the 25 years I’ve been at it, that’s all right with me.

Forgive me if the colours look too red, or too yellow, or too brown, I’m uploading this on a computer with a crappy monitor, and I have no idea what the final look will be for you at home –  your mileage may vary, void where prohibited.  It looks spiffy in the original file, so I get to breathe out and relax.

My favorite thing about this composition is where Edgar Holmes’ priorities lie…his sister and his father are on fire, plummeting to their deaths, and he’s trying to grab the magnifying glass…but when you’re a Holmes, that spy-eye glass is your icon and you gots to save the icons first.

More glorious Holmes pages tomorrow, this time by the already great, but soon to be world famous team of Heather Emme and and Adam Gorham.  Try not to fidget and worry too much until tomorrow, but it’ll be worth the wait!


Here now, your comic book moment of zen.

More Holmes Inc. Magnificence!

The shameless promotion of the new Holmes Inc comic continues.  I have no shame.  None whatsoever.  I often wander naked into a church and start belching loudly,  just to prove it can be done.   But for this project, I have no reason to be ashamed…this stuff is actually darn good, and here’s more proof.  Another sample of the kind of top flight stories you’re gonna get in this new series…this time, script by Roarin’ Rob Pincombe, pencils by Glorious Gibson Quarter with inks by the lovable schmuck who writes this blog.  Letters by the magnificent K.T. Smith (the only one of the three contributors I’ve ever showered with).

When you see comics this exciting, try not to drool on your motherboard, as it’s not good for the electronic bits under the keys.

Solved the case?  On page one….oh, I don’t think so.

Ah, the plot thicks…

If you’re in Toronto at the end of the months, show up at FANEXPO Canada and get your pre-release copy…as I imagine you CANNOT wait after seeing these pages online.  I know I can’t wait to see how it turns out, and I edited and inked the darn thing.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your comic book moment of zen:

Ty Templeton’s Comic Book Bootcamp

It’s summer here (more or less) and the kids will soon be out of school, which means it’s time for their dad to go off and teach others. Ty Templeton’s Comic Book Bootcamp Part Two will be starting up on Monday, June 28, as part of the offerings of the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop. If you have ever, at any point, taken Part One you are able to enrol in Part Two.

Students come out of Ty’s Bootcamps revved up and ready to go…(check out the work of the stalwart members of the original incarnation of Bootcamp Comics. Or Greg Dunford’s Hard Drive, or Gibson Quarter’s work on Judge Dredd, Wasted and FutureQuake #15, or Eden Bachelder’s work or…heck, there’s a lot of his students out there!) If you’re interested in being one, contact Walter Dickinson at Toronto Cartoonists Workshop. (And for those who graduate both parts of bootcamp, there’s a new, by invitation only, “Fit to Print” class, where you work closely with Ty and a bunch of your fellow graduates to put together an all-new all original comic book to be distributed at Toronto conventions…especially those with editors in attendance!)

And, just to let you know…Ty will be teaching Part One in the fall, so he won’t be teaching Part Two again until next February (at which point, there will be two classes of Part One-ers looking to sign up).


New Workshops

For those who’ve asked…

Ty will be teaching a new workshop, beginning June 21. It will be Ty Templeton’s Comic Book Bootcamp Part 2. In order to enrol in this course, you have to have completed Part 1 at some point, through Max the Mutt Animation School (taught by Ty at night–none of the day courses are equivalent to this)  or the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop.  He packs an amazing amount of information in each of his three hour classes, and you need it all! Ty has found through past experience that it really isn’t possible for someone to do this course without the background of the first.

So, if you’re a Part 1 survivor, and you would like to learn more…contact Walter Dickinson at Toronto Cartoonists Workshop for more information, and he can let you know if he still has spaces available.


Just to get you in the mood for some learnin’, check out a vid

Comics Rock! with Ty Templeton

I really like teaching.

I’m here to share.

I taught class three in my eight part COMIC BOOK BOOTCAMP again tonight; it’s my favorite week, and too much fun not to share.

For the anatomy/visualization section of class tonight, we focused on  knee joints, hinging in free space, and the leg masses attached to them– it involves crappy cardboard geometric models, mnemonic tricks, and some dirty jokes. A two drink minimum and tip your waitresses, and we’re out.

But what’s delightful about this particular class, is that’s it’s the week that we jump up from theory (vanishing points, horizons, cubes and tubes) to drawing things that you can recognize as being body parts, and being hinged in free space (it’s an old Burne Hogarth technique).

Sometimes, for the first time in their lives, students “see” in their heads, the figures moving through “space”, not as a series of tricks to get the two dimensional drawings onto the paper, but as concrete images available to their imagination.

It’s like waking up a new sense in people, and it’s FUN to watch.

Week three is one of the reason I teach this class. Oh, the millions of dollars  buys champagne and pays off my member of parliament, sure…but the looks on the faces of students who literally wake up that part of their brain for the first time during class #3…whee.

Better than sex while singing harmony on stage.

I had a student once tell me it was freaking him out now that he could “see” people’s skeletons under their skin when they moved.  I said “GREAT! That’s the whole point of these visualization tricks….to wake up your mind’s eye.”

He asked if it goes away.

Sometimes waking up a new sense is creepy. I get that.  I told him, “I’m afraid it doesn’t go away….but it moves from creepy to fun.”

When I start the Bootcamp, I like to give my class a talk about the difference between a talent and a skill, (I usually call it my TALENT IS BULLSHIT lecture).  Drawing and writing are skills, not talents.  There is nothing you need to be born with to learn how to do them well…no matter what people tell you, there is no such thing as a required “talent” for drawing.

And week three is always the week that about half the class goes “Ding” and realizes on a fundamental level what I’m talking about. Anyone can learn this stuff…even the stuff they were convinced they couldn’t learn.

It’s just fun to teach week three, and baptize the new lambs into the world of illustration.

Ty the Guy.

The bouncy rabbit hops off to mess with your garden now.

Holy Cow! Am I still promoting this comic I wrote and drew? It's been on sale for like five days already!

PS:  If you want to check out some former student work (most of it delightfully NSFW) head over here.  It’s worth the drive to Bootcamp Comics Dot Com!

And…if you’re interested in doing some learning of your own, and you’re in the GTA, new classes will start in the summer. Check out the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop for information.

Ty the Guy


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Report from the Front Lines

Jill Nagel, of Comic Book Daily, wrote a quick article, “I Braved the Toronto Cartoonist (sic) Workshop, about sitting in on a couple weeks of Ty’s Comic Book Bootcamp, and the Comic Book Inking workshop.  Read what she has to say…and why she’s enrolled in the new session of bootcamp being offered by the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop.


Sunday morning…

Ty is at the Wizard World Toronto Comic Con as I type this…about to teach a one hour Comic Book Bootcamp. Then, it’s back to the real world of a freelancer:  deadlines, editors, Coca Cola and McDonalds.