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We hit the moon. Metaphorically, of course.

Let's fall in love. Why shouldn't we?

It’s about a quarter of a million miles to the moon (it’s exactly 221,463 miles if you’re being a dick about it).  I remember that number from when I was a kid and people were driving and golfing on our heavenly neighbor all the time, so it was in the news.

Well, over the weekend, we had our quarter-millionth blog hit and we’re blushingly amused by it that.  The number made me think of the moon, so there’s your metaphor – if miles = blog hits.

Couldn't have done it without space cows and Hoverboy!

I’m not foolish enough to think it means we’ve had a quarter million readers.  I’m aware it’s a few thousand who’ve come back a couple of times, and a few thousand more who had enough after one visit…and it took months and months of that sort of traffic to build the number- but it’s still a fun milestone to pass, especially when one considers I’ve fruitlessly wasted that many man-hours of other people’s potential productivity with my frothy bon-mots.   I’m just doing my part to slow the economy and contribute to the complete breakdown of our system.


Above: The Ty-bunny of Anarchy in one of my many other guises. TRY to be a productive member of society after you've fallen into its distractingly seductive gaze...

Milestones matter.   It’s like suddenly realizing you’ve had your tenth child, or spent your twenty-fifth year behind bars.  I’ll never forget those days either.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your  Comic Book Moon Moment:

This masterpiece was one of the first comics I ever saw. Take that, people whose first comic book had Dazzler in it.


Holy COW!  Is it Saturday already?  Where does the week go?


The excitement continues,  deep in space, and deep in love…

Click on the page to make it larger.



That’s it for today.  Scroll down for ALL  NUDE SUPER-HEROES, because we all know that’s what you’re here for.

Ty the Guy.


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Yes, I know DC has ceased publishing them, but a man can dream, can’t he?  There was so much MORE to mine from the Elseworld’s vein.  If they ever come back, I’m ready…

That’s it for this week.   We should be doing this EVERY weekend for the next while, come on back and collect them ALL!

Ty the Guy


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Extremely Unseen Marvel Punisher, more Slightly Seen DC and HOVERBOY FRIDAY! plus the big announcement! AND Nepotism Thursday. How long is this $)(*#$)(*##!! Title?!?

As promised, we look at some very unseen Marvel art from the same period.  The image above is from a very fun project I did with my pal SAM AGRO in the 90s.  The comic was “THE PUMMELER“, a parody of one of Marvel’s more popular characters, for a company called PARODY PRESS (best known for Adolescent Hamsters…) but Sam had a ball writing up a tremendous trio of very funny “Mad” style stories.  Worth finding in the back issues, if you can.  The cover to the left was by Sam Keith, who pitched in to help Agro get an audience.   If you follow the Pummeler link above, you’ll see the interior pages!  Sam is a well known storyboard artist who has helped the world be sickened and thrilled by the HUGELY successful SAW series of movies — been part of an academy award winning art team for FLY AWAY HOME–and he boarded tons of episodes of EWOKS and DROIDS in his day.  All that PLUS a loverly run writing great scripts for DC’s Looney Tunes comic book for years.  Is the name LEGEND appropriate?  Considering he’s one of the instructors at the highly esteemed TORONTO CARTOONIST WORKSHOP that I instruct at, I’ll have to say “yes”, LEGEND is the word.) Man, can I plug the pals and co-workers, or WHAT?!?

Watch this segue.   We’re staying with the silly images of the Punisher theme, and moving over to another living legend, Dana Moreshead.  Who is clearly not the name on the card above.  How confused am I?

There, that’s Dana.  And his odd looking pet, the name escapes me, and I don’t want to say Skipper when it was Sparky, or Spanky or Elliot Spitzer, but it was something like that.  I drew that portrait of Dana at least a decade ago, but I’m sure at least ONE of those furry creatures is still cute.  Dana was the Marvel guy who gave me all these wonderfully odd gigs that I’ve been posting for the last two weeks, and he deserves his humble thank you on this blog for the fun, fun art jobs he tossed me atop of.  And hopefully the smile or two he’s bringing the eleven readers of this post as I dig through the original art pile over in the corner and scan baby scan.

So what was that Punisher toy with the human head on it?  And who’s this poor soul with the dragon crapping on his hair?  These were a series of cards that were created for the Marvel staff one summer for convention season.  That way, when they met people, they had a card with some ‘zaz and zing and pep!  And their image on it, so names and faces could match up for business deals, etc.  A good idea, actually.  The gag was to make everyone into their own version of a Marvel Hero.  I did at least four of them (that I’ve found so far).  The funny thing, most of these staffers are NOT a Marvel Character, but a toy version of one, or standing near one.  I’m not sure that conveyed the joke.

I still have tons more fun stuff from the Dana era of Special Projects.  He is still one of my favorite people, even if he no longer gets me work.

Another installment of the AOL Flood Safety messages from 2006.  Sketch and final art.  The only time I ever drew Supergirl for the animated universe, unless you count the toy designs.  Aquaman I’ve drawn lots and lots, he’s featured in the Brave and Bold issue I drew in 2009, but has yet to come out.

But here’s Aquaman warning a man about having adequate storm drains, and not living under a f***ing wall of mud.  That’s so dumb he really deserves to die.

Hoverboy.com is back up and running!  Marcus Moore, fellow curator, and webmaster of the site, was found,  alive and well, after months lost in the barrens with his experimental jet co-pilot, Jarred.    As of this posting, the fate of his experimental jet c0-pilot, Jarred,  has not been revealed, though it can be noted that that Moore seems to have put on weight during his ordeal.  “Plenty of possum in those woods.” is the only response a visibly shaken Moore has given to reporters when asked about his friend, experimental jet co-pilot, Jarred.  We wish he and his family good luck in the future, and keep on looking for that poor kid.

The good news is that Hoverboy.com is once again operational, with a NEW installment of the weekly comic strip reprints.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve been sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for the poor lad to hover away from those clouds, these last few months.  Hovermaniacs the world around, breathe out a sigh of relief.  Go check out the installments we’ve found so far, for this excellent example of heroism and manhood of the golden age!

And now for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.  (yeah, like you’re still reading after so long and drawn out a post today…).  Starting NEXT weekend, and every weekend after that, I’ll be posting Ty Templeton Funnies!  Never before seen  material, created to be seen in web form.  Wait…does that make this blog a…

WEBCOMIC?!?!?    Tune in NEXT WEEKEND and see….

Ty the Guy.


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Ty Bunny

…and I guess I can post this…

(Yes, that’s Ty. Nope–that’s not me.  I was too busy with children to go to the Hard Liquor and Porn Film Festival, that year.  Yep.  You did read that correctly. So strange that I can’t find a wikipedia entry for it!)



I would like to interject here, and point out that I ALWAYS wear a bunny suit to a formal party, and that the young woman trying to taste the costume was not a woman of low virtue, but, in fact, a nun who was on her day off.  The Hard Liquor and Porn Film Festivals are an annual event for filmmakers to show what they can do in the fields of porn and consumption.  I’ve acted in three films for the festival so far, but haven’t done a reel in a while.  I have a script for a short film called “Grocery Boy” that I’ve been dying to shoot, but never find the time.  Ah…to have an extra 24 hours in each day.

PS:  The Bunny Suit tastes like vanilla and lavender, I’m told.

Ty the Guy

I can’t remember–which child was I, in the hospital, giving birth to at the time?  Was it the twins?  Or the triplets.  All alone…


Correction! The Bunny was WRONG!?!?

Like all great journalists, I have to correct a previous column when I find out I was wrong.  I said that Mad Magazine had “gone the way of all flesh, sigh”, which suggests it’s not being published any more.  It’s still out there, on a quarterly, rather than eighteen times a year schedule (including MadKids and Mad Specials!) but it’s still out there.  I’d simply not seen a new Mad in quite a while and figured it was gone.  My bad.  Now, why haven’t I seen ’em on sale anywhere?   I’d be scooping up those quarterlies like a hungry wolf, but I ain’t seen one.

All my best to Sam V. and the gang, and I hope I’m not too much of an idiot at this point for the gang.

Ty the Guy

Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas and a Merry Goo Year.

Ty the Guy

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Christmas Bunnies #6

Click on card for a slightly larger image…

This is a special card, as it’s the first year Jessica featured as part of family images–she and Kellam had been dating for almost four years, but that year they had moved in together, so we gained a daughter-in-law and the cards get more crowded….


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Christmas Bunny #2

A couple of years ago, Ty watched me struggling to wrap gifts for everyone, chopping up bits of paper to use as tags.  An hour later, he turned up with a design, and different colour choices for me to approve!  They’ve since become our standard gift tags…

Not bad for a Grinch.


Christmas Bunnies

Ty will tell anyone who will listen that he doesn’t get the point of Christmas and the only worthwhile holiday is Hallowe’en.

He discovered that fatherhood meant that Hallowe’en became more fun for him…

but that he had to pay attention to that Christmas thing whether he liked it or not.

Ty finds different levels of inspiration at Christmas time…he tries to do a bunny funny card every year, but it all depends on how the spirit moves him.  So, this week, I’ll try and post a bunny each day from past celebrations…(eventually, Ty will decide I’ve picked the wrong ones or I’m not being amusing and he’ll turn up to dispense witticisms!).