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Bun Toons of the FUTURE! YAY!

desk bunny blue

We are all interested in the future, for that is where we shall spend the rest of our lives.

I’m watching the trends.  I know the score.  I see all.  These are the…

genres of tomorrow

Ty the Guy OUT!

I promise you, don’t look up underwater chess porn.  You don’t want to see it. Rule 34 always applies.


Sure, it starts off innocently enough with mermaids and the like…but once those knights start jumping.  Hoo boy.

Rule 34 applies to pretty well everything except for bunny rabbits.  Those fluffy bags of Easter joy are simply too adorable to make salacious.


This was the naughtiest thing I could find for a google search under “rule 34 bunnies”, believe me, I tried.

Happy Trump 100, you lucky people!


Don’t try to make something dirty out of BATHROOM toons.


For a woefully out of date archive of OLD Bun Toons, click the happy rabbit.