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Epic Bun Toons! YAY!

Finally, something new under the sun!

Finally, something new under the sun!

I had an idea for an original screenplay that I think is worth a few million dollars.  Anyone know who I should send it to?

all the story you punks needI’m willing to switch out the octopus monster for a giant lizard if the producers want to feel they’re participating, but I’m not backing off on killing M’Reeta’s father.  That scene is a tear-jerker and you need something for the chicks to sob about.

Ty the Guy OUT!

My idea is only five minutes old, and already it’s been stolen fifty years ago.


That’s a cover painting by Wally Wood for a Warren Magazine from the early 60s…is it my imagination, or does Wally’s estate have a lawsuit for the rights to Marvel’s “Tigra” from this painting alone?


For last week's FAMILY GUY themed Bun Toon, click Brian or Stewie above

For last week’s FAMILY GUY themed Bun Toon, click Brian or Stewie above

The legendary Bun Toon Archive is found here

The legendary Bun Toon Archive is found here


Morons In My House Bun Toons! YAY!

At least they're not bunnies.  It would make all us furry creatures look bad.

At least they’re not bunnies. It would make all us furry creatures look bad.

I have one wife, four children, a daughter-in-law and three cats.  Without question, the cats are the stupid ones.

isis websize


There are times I’ve had to remove the string using option #2.  Now you guys know why the bunny wears gloves.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Isis-Comic-Book moment:

mighty isis


When I was a kid, MIGHTY ISIS was a live action TV show and a pretty good comic, sometimes inked by Wally Wood or Dick Giordano.  The show was excellent for its era…but that’s NOT who my cat is named after.

She’s named after the cat in BATMAN: The Animated Series, who belonged to Catwoman.

gotham adventures 4Those are my cats leaping about with the rest of Catwoman’s crew from a cover I drew before the current ISIS was born…the Siamese in the image was Isis’ big sister in real life.  It’s all interconnected with me and moron cats. 


For last week's equally moronic Bun Toon, click the moron rabbit.

For last week’s equally moronic Bun Toon, click the moron rabbit.

for all the bun toons in the archive, click mr. rabbit

for all the bun toons in the archive, click mr. rabbit



Steve Ditko is 84

A recent photo of Mr. Ditko in his studio.

I could spend the day talking about Steve Ditko.  Half of you know him as the co-creator of Spider-Man (along with Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, depending on who’s telling the story), and half of you know him as the crazy as a shit-house rat genius of comics that are too weird to be readable.  Delightfully, he’s both, and if you’ve never seen In Search of Steve Ditko, you’re about to spend some time doing just that:

That’s just part one, but you’ll be continuing on to the other parts after it’s over, trust me.

Twenty some-odd years ago, I got to speak to Ditko on the phone once or twice, about a Ditko story we published in Vortex Magazine back when I was editor of the book.  It’s a story I’ll keep private, as neither Steve nor I come off especially well in the story, and you don’t need to hear about two jackasses while both of us are still alive.

Instead, watch the documentary began above, and recall his magnificent contribution to our biz.

Happy Birthday Mr. D.  You are one of the originals.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, a fairly obscure piece of Bonus Ditko:  A page from THE DESTRUCTOR, a short lived Ditko series for the spectacularly failed ATLAS comics of the mid-70s.  Ditko inked by Wally Wood!  A little bit of heaven for those in the know…

Happy Birthday Joe Simon!

MARVEL COMICS first ever editor-in-chief is 97 years old today, and looking damn fine.

The man c0-created Captain America, the Sandman, Newsboy Legion and a host of other characters, and managed to do it in an era when a black soul singer could not have had an easy time of it in the New York publishing industry.

Oh wait, that might be the wrong Joe Simon.  Wait a second…

That’s better.  Joe Simon, co-creator of Captain America and a host of other titles.

He’s known primarily for his work with Jack Kirby, Timely, and DC, in the Golden Age of comics, introducing the world to the BOY’S RANCH, THE BOY COMMANDOS, FIGHTING AMERICAN, THE FLY, SANDMAN AND SANDY, and romance and horror comics in general.  Simon, along with Kirby, were the original “IMAGE” comics, as they formed their own creator-based company, called MAINLINE COMICS, in the fifties, long before disgruntled Marvel employees of the nineties were a gleam in their disgruntled parents’ eyes!

So much of this was before my time, I only know about it through reprints and history books. …HOWEVER, I am old enough to recall the Joe Simon comics of the late 60s and early 70s, and they were so F***ING WEIRD that they remain amongst my favorite comics of all time.

Who but Joe Simon would have given us BROTHER POWER:  THE GEEK?


No biting the heads off of chickens in here...it's actually far weirder.


Crazy bikers, hippies galore and midgets in turbans is the standard for this title, only two issues of which were ever published.  In the late sixties, if you wanted a writer to talk to the new generations of peace and love, turn to a man in his fifties and let ‘im loose.  This wasn’t Joe’s only foray into talking to the young…just a few years later, Joe Simon would create the BEST comic DC would ever publish about teenage politics.


See what happens when you let 18 year olds vote?


The loons in the car with Prez are his cabinet, I kid you not.  The Native American fellow was Secretary of State, and he never wore a shirt, even to peace talks with Israel.  Go daddy, go!   When I was 14, this comic spoke to me, but mostly it told me to go kill the neighbor’s dog.


Because money solves everything.


Another of the Joe Simon lunatic-masterpieces of the 70s.   It’s Richie Rich meets the Newsboy Legion, and it lasted three issues, only ONE of which was actually published.  My favorite part of this comic was the subtle racism that the white kids either inherited or earned their millions…but the black kid got his money through a glitch in the bank that accidentally credited a shoe-shine boy’s account with a million dollars, because, you know…well…he was black.

My all time favorite of the wacky 70s Joe Simon creations was his last pairing with his original partner Jack Kirby for another run at the character name “SANDMAN”.

It was a precursor to the Vertigo series.  The main character lived in the “Dream Dome” and was able to enter the dreams of living people, and fight their nightmares.  And it was drawn by Kirby and inked by WALLY WOOD!  Talk about a Dream Team!  Unfortunately for DC and the rest of us, Simon, Kirby and Wood weren’t available for an issue #2, and they handed it off to lesser teams until the book was canceled 5 issues later. (Kirby did a couple more art jobs, but without Simon and Wood…meh).

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE SIMON!  Marvel Comics, and the industry in general, would be nothing like it is today without you.  Thanks for helping Kirby find his style, and this youthful comic fan his joy in Oddball Comics.  You continue to be the legend you are.  Many more to come.


Here now, your comic book moment of zen.