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Powdered Toast Man

Reaching into the wayback machine, I pull out these gems of forgotten yorePowdered Toast Man (for those old enough to remember horse-drawn carriages) was the super-hero character in The Ren & Stimpy Show (one of the best cartoon series of all time!).  This also happened to be the first time I’d ever worked with my off and on again partner in crime, and wonder-writer, Dan Slott.

Ty the Guy

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When I was trying to type up a Powdered Toast Man entry last night,(Ty was off teaching and had left me unsupervised), I gave up…and emailed Dan.  It’s hard for me to remember that far back–Dan has a few less children, one less cat, doesn’t actually have to live with Ty, and doesn’t drink as much as I do, so it’s easier for him.

Says he,

“Working with Ty on The Powdered Toast Man Special was one of the highlights of my life.  I’m making that an absolute statement that will hold steady for the remainder of my time on this earth.  So screw you, future-birth-of-my-first-born, SCREW YOU!  All I’m trying to say is, The Guy makes one HECK of a comic.” Dan Slott

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So, I’ve still told you absolutely nothing about the history of the project…but hey, you know the artist/writer had fun. (Although I do remember many conversations the two of them had about how much each wanted the other’s career at the time–Dan wanted to write superhero comics (like the Justice League stuff Ty had done) and Ty wanted to be able to do the funny stuff (like Ren & Stimpy and Mighty Mouse, as Dan had done).  Now, when they call each other up and try to solve problems with each other’s stories (something they both do, at least once a week), Ty’s talking about the Simpsons he’s working on, and Dan is doing Avengers/Spiderman plot for that month.  It’s all come full circle.