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Dinosaurs at the Bar Toons! Yay!

Paleolithic Laughs, Yo!

Today marks the ONE YEAR anniversary of Bun Toons.  One year, and still going strong…and that’s NATURAL strong, not steroid strong.  No cheating.  To celebrate this milestone, we travel in time, back to the first joke in history, which starts with:  “Two dinosaurs walk into a bar…”

It’s funny, because it’s scientifically true!

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, the finest panel ever drawn in a comic book:

And they say Kirby couldn't write dialog...




Saturday Morning Taxi Toons! Yay!




The morning of Saturday is upon us, and time for another bun toon.  This one was inspired by a terribly bad cab ride, a conversation with my friend Sam Agro, and a bit of an old SNL sketch.  Put ’em together and you make toon soup.   I’m actually happy with how this one turned out, and hey, look!  I lettered it by hand, just because I can still do that!

Dedicated to the Sketch Treadwells of this world.  May you all be stiffed with a Kat Krispies coupon.

See you soon for another Hi-larious top ten list, and more bun toons next week.  Ain’t the internet fun?  Speaking of fun…


Here now, your comic book moment of zen.



You'll never stop me from cartooning. Don't make me cut you.


-First off.  We must wish happy thoughts to Yoko, and the missing walrus.

Who knew John did a bunny self portrait?  It shows his range.

Anyway…It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada…time to visit the mom’s house and eat turkey while the kids put permanent marks in their grandmother’s furniture.  While I was over at the mom’s house a couple of weeks ago, I was handed a box of old drawings and cartoons from the start of my career…including some submissions to humour magazines drawng in my early twenties.  In honour of turkey and visiting home, I present a couple of them on my bunny blog.

All this goes to prove that young cartoonists should not PUN so much.  It’s a disease when you’re that age.  See you next week with an ALL NEW Bun Toon that has never been in my mother’s house.


Here now, your comic book moment of zen:



for last week's bun toon - DICK FIST: NARCOLEPTIC PRIVATE EYE - click here


Saturday Morning Gumshoe Cartoons. YAY!

Live from my computer, it's SATURDAY MORNING!

I’ve been watching too much Turner Classic Movies lately, and now, I can only cartoon in black and white.   Go figure, huh.  Probably all account of some dame.

All right doll faces, that’s it for today.   My dogs are barkin’ so it’s time to hit the road.  Don’t take any wooden nickels, sweetheart.  I’ll wait for you, kid.

(and in case you missed the clues, here’s last week’s Bun Toons HERE)


Here now, your comic book moment of zen:

Bun Toon Animal Facts.

Gaze upon this, ye mighty, and despair

I was at a party for the school I teach at last night, welcoming the new students to the new location, celebrating the fit-to-print project from last year’s group, and letting them watch their teacher get drunk and show off the wife’s tattoo.   So Bun Toon is late, and I am bad man.  But better latent than never, my pastor always told me.

Off we go into…

Every word of this was meticulously researched by our crack staff.  Get me a lie detector, I’ll prove it to you doubters.


Here now, your comic book moment of zen

Saturday Morning Comics! Woo Hoo!

On this delightful holiday weekend, my thoughts naturally turn to fireworks, barbecue ribs, and love.

Long Weekend Saturdays! And your faithful servant is still here!

NOTE:  Click on the comic image below and it will open up larger in a new window (for those with squinty eyesight who have trouble reading,  like me!)


I’ve lived life, I’ve seen things, and learned much.  And now, it is time to share this wisdom with the world, so that you too, might learn….

And if you liked this webcomic, there’s plenty more!  Try this one from last week, or this one from a couple of weeks ago.  Heck, here’s a whole bunch to read at once!  We’re here every Saturday, and the cake and pie is on us.

That’s it for today.  Go enjoy the weekend, and remember that today is DAN SLOTT’S BIRTHDAY, so send your cards and letters early to avoid the rush.

TOMORROW:  Funny stuff about America, and that sort of thing.


This week was about sex.  Last week I focused on DEATH.  Do you DARE read last week’s BUN TOON?!?!

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