Ty was born in the wilds of downtown Canada to show business gypsies. His father invented televangelism, wrote some best sellers, and helped to kill Elvis. His mother was a fifties singing star on the CBC TV, and his brother invented the internet. Look it all up, it’s true. Ty makes his living writing and drawing comic books, working on such characters as Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, The Simpsons, the Avengers, and many others. He can be seen lurking in the outskirts of downtown Canada with his lovely wife, three of his four lovely children,  and his three cats, two of which are lovely, but the other one has really nasty scratched up legs that you don’t want to see.

(NOTE to those who are concerned about the child I don’t live with… Number One Son is now a legal adult (yikes!), two inches taller than Dad and lives downtown with his very own girlfriend of many years, and their very own cats.  No kids yet, danke shoen. )

There is a short entry about Ty Templeton in Wikipedia.  However, it wasn’t written by Ty or a relative and it gets his birthdate slightly wrong…Ty was actually born in 1962.  (For many sound and easily understood reasons, he  long ago decided that the year between both of his twenty-fourth birthdays  didn’t count morally or legally, and so considers himself as having missed a year in his age.  He feels it’s the same as not counting those years he spent frozen in a block of ice, and worshiped by the noble Eskimo people of the North.)

14 responses to “About

  1. Hey Ty,

    Was poking around looking for some website/blog inspiration for my “blog”, and Google gave me your blog site. Very nice! Like the simple uncluttered look.


    • This blog came up on a search? I assume your search words included my name, or I don’t see how it came up, since it’s mostly me blathering on about myself around here. This is a WordPress template, basically, with me tarting it up with a little artwork, and my wife doing all the actual tidying and tarting when I’m off elsewhere. But thanks and glad to have you drop by.

  2. Hi Ty – I just finished Bootcamp 1 this week (I’m the guy with the beard who loves Pekar and indie comics). I wanted to say thanks for it – you’re a great teacher. The course reinvigorated a love for creating comics that had waned in the last couple years. Thanks a ton. Here’s my recent stuff in case you’re interested: http://jepcomix.wordpress.com

    • WOW! That story of the guy who fell onto the rails at the St. Clair station was amazing. Nice stuff. And it was a treat to have you in class. Hope I see you around at conventions, and the basic funny book world of Toronto. Now that we’ve re-hooked you, you’re stuck for life.


  3. Found this website looking for info on Hoppy the Marvel Bunny. I’m doing a fan comic on DeviantArt where a goat eats Marvel Bunny and becomes the next Super Animal. Drawbacks, he can’t talk, so someone else has to say “Shazam!”. Hope you don’t mind! Love your site!


    • How could I mind? As much as I like Hoppy the Marvel Bunny, I don’t own him. He has to be free to leave his cage and be eaten by goats if that is his destiny.

  4. Thanks, good sir. I’ll post the link as soon is it is ready.

  5. Ok, so Marvel Bunny went nowhere, and I ended up doing something completly different:


  6. Hey Ty! I already thanked you for this, but let me do it again…thanks for the Dexter headshot and Hawkman sketch at Montreal Comic Con!! Greatly appreciated! Hope to see you next year! Cheers!

    • Delighted you liked `em Eric. I`ll be back next year if I`m breathing and drawing. If I am hit by a car, I may have to skip it, but otherwise…..see you there!

  7. Hi I just have to say that I stumbled on this blog after spending the last 6 hrs. modeling with air dry clay. ( I was looking to see what other people do with the stuff and it brought me to The Thing’s head… AWESOME… but irrelevant.) And I think I just became your biggest fan… That’s probably not true but a big fan! I am an art student at the Art Institute of Salt Lake City. I just recently learned some tricks of the trade of comic booking, and started trying it out. A blast even if you don’t have a story in mind. I am really an animator though, and apparently a rambling maniac. But just wanted to tell you I love your work and you blog is bookmarked!

  8. What a terrific site this is! I stumbled across it by accident and have spent the last few days looking back through the archives. I knew of you as the artist whose work I’d admired when I used to read the cartoon spin-off BATMAN titles and JLI. It’s been a while since I’ve collected comics (my local comic shop closed a few years ago, and if I tried to collect the number of different titles as I used to then I’d be bankrupt in a week), but if they were all as funny and imaginative as this blog then I might be tempted back. I’ll certainly be a regular visitor here.

    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.


  9. Hey Ty,
    It was great meeting you over Comic Con in New Delhi, and having drinks after. Hope to catch you at a convention in India again.
    Thanks for the awesome Batman 66 sketch (I’m sure you ended up drawing a lot of Batmen)
    I’ll fix that Eisner award thing so that the next emcee doesn’t call you a nominee. 😀

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