Internet Entries

Interviews, bios and such from around the net…

Haven’t included reviews–the web’s lousy with ’em…go look for yourself!

Ty Templeton, Blockbuster entry

Ty Templeton, IMDB entry

Ty Templeton, entry

Ty Templeton, Wikipedia entry

Ty Templeton, penciller,  Marvel Comics Database

Ty Templeton, writer, Marvel Comics Database

Ty Templeton, Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited (pay site)

Vortex Comics, Wikipedia entry

Fanzing Interview, October 1999

Legions of Gotham Interview,  May 2004

The Joe Shuster Awards Interview, January 2009

Comics Bulletin Interview, February 2005

FanExpo August 2009 biography

“Women in Refrigerators” interview with Gail Simone

Dr. Id’s Positive Influence of the Month:  Ty Templeton

Comics Bulletin Interview, 2006

Newsarama, Creator Profile, February 2007

The Comic Store Critic: entry about meeting Ty at FanExpo2009

The Handsome  Genius interview

The Handsome Genius, entries about Ty

Comiks Debris, commenter mentions Ty

KRAD’s Inaccurate Guide to Life, mention of Ty

Comic Book Galaxy, download available of eBook, Conversations with ADD, which is Alan David Doane’s interviews with comics industry folk, including Ty

Rent-a-Thug by Jeff Martin, mention of Ty on Free Comic Book Day

Bibliowhining blog, mention of Ty as a “horrid inker” results in an eConversation with Ty, to the writer’s consternation, and Ty’s amusement

The Crooked Little World blog, mention of/sketch by Ty FanExpo 2009

Pendragon’s Post: 5 Quick Questions for Ty Templeton

Comics Worth Reading, citing Mark Waid podcast

Sequential, citing Ty Templeton interview with Jamie Colville

Domesticated Words, interview about inking

Space The Imagination Station, Ty talking about Star Trek as a fan, mention of interviewing Ty (not knowing it was Ty!) about  Hoverboy Museum

Mike DeWolfe, mention of Ty and Stig’s

Fanzing Article: How to Save the Comics Industry!

LiveJournal entry by Michel Fiffe with art

Ty’s lecture on the Myth of Talent

Ty Templeton entry on DorkShelf

Ty doing convention sketches

Interview with Mad Magazine illustrator, Tom Richmond on Holtermonster’s Lair, citing Ty as one of his influences.

Comics Alliance, List of best DC Holiday Specials by Chris Sim, #9 cites Ty’s Darkseid and Santa story.

Challengers of the, entry on Stig’s Inferno

“The Great Ty Templeton-Gumby Television Scandal”, referenced in Art Clokey obiturary on

Workshops with Ty

Toronto Cartoonists Workshop

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