Request for Work

Ty has turned down opportunities to sign contracts with companies before, in order to have the freedom to draw The Simpsons one week, and work for Mad Magazine the next.  He’s always willing to consider offers.  At this time, he does not do commissions, he does not re-ink old art collectors have purchased and his Actra membership has currently lapsed so he’s not doing much acting at the moment.

Anything interesting can be sent to

2 responses to “Request for Work

  1. Hi Ty..I’m on a TV series and we need a cover for this Thursday. If you’re available we could start sending you pics first thing in the morning to give you an idea of what we’re after. Cheers, Theresa 416-406-2915

  2. Thea Klapwald

    Hi Ty, I work at WDI and I”m trying to track you down to do some more possible work. Pls get in touch ASAP. Thanks! Thea

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