Thanks to the magical world of digital cameras and, you don’t have to wait for a Toronto convention to see Ty.  I’ve combed for the following videos (I’m sure there’s more).  Or you can watch  SpaceTV in Canada, for glimpses of Ty chatting about different things).

Ty in Hoverboy mini-documentary

Ty discusses Hoverboy Museum

Ty draws Batman con sketch pt 1

Ty draws Batman con sketch pt 2

Ty draws Batman con sketch pt 3

Ty discussing Revolution on the Planet of the Apes

Prisoners of Gravity (Ty drew the opening credits)

Ty was a guest on many episodes of Prisoners of Gravity…do a search on to find them.

Comics Rock! with Ty Templeton (from a Comic Book Bootcamp lecture)

Con Sketching with Ty Templeton

“Talent is Bull@#$!.” A Word with Ty

Dexter: The Early Cuts, Cindy Landon art by Ty Templeton

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