Mad Magazine Games and Puzzles

Hey Kids!  Everyone loves games and puzzles, so here’s a fun one to try.  Can you unscramble the confusing image up top and make it into something worth buying at your local comic store or newsstand?  Give it a minute, it’s kind of difficult.  Answer below:

That’s right!  It’s the cover for MAD (Yechh) MAGAZINE #503, the newest issue to hit the stands, and by far, the funniest issue since #501.   The fact that I have a couple of pages of my artwork inside has NOTHING to do with why this issue is so much funnier than the frankly embarrassing #502.  So pick up a copy, and find out why four out of five dentists recommend MAD to their patients who chew magazines.

Ty the Guy

7 responses to “Mad Magazine Games and Puzzles

  1. Nice! I’ll try to pick one up. Though I used to read them all the time, it’s been a while since I’ve bought a Mad magazine (or a new chew toy, for that matter).

  2. Ty- I just wanted to leave a comment here and say I have been a big fan of your work since the “Teddy Payne and the Blue Bears” days in CRITTERS (I’ve always tried to identify fern bars ever since). Always a thrill to see your work in MAD.

  3. @Eden: Two thirds of the North American economy is based on finding people some form of a chew toy. Well, that and health care. Get with the program.
    @Tom: Since when do YOU care what shows up in that rag? Holy Cow! Nice to hear from you. Gulp. I hope I don’t get too irritating as the week goes by, but I’ve threatened to post the cover image once a day until the issue sells out. So far all three of my readers have promised to buy one, but that’s not stopping me. So if you spot the Mad cover showing up in google searches every day, it’s just me fulfilling a sacred vow. And while I’m at it…Hey everybody, it’s Tom Richmond! Wow. A much more important member of the gang of idiots than I, which means he gets to haze me if he wants. Please bre’r fox, don’t make me run into the kitchen patch and eat all those donuts! Anything but that.
    Ty the Guy

  4. @Ty: Actually, I did pay my dentist $400 for a nightguard last summer. So that’s a healthcare-related chew-toy right there. Just doin’ my bit!

    • I gots to admit, the mere idea of a four hundred dollar chew toy makes you a much more interesting person.

      • They also gave me full plaster casts of all my teeth. I really need to come up with some kind of art project for them. Right now they’re just hanging out in a cardboard box in my dresser, being all inherently creepy and stuff.

  5. Expensive chew toys? Plaster casts of your teeth in a drawer? Stop! I’m a married man!

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