LAST WEEK on the ‘net

Monday November 14

Monday Runaround – The Dark Bunny Returns from Bleeding Cool

Random Comics News Story Round-Up from The Comics Reporter

Frank Miller unloads on Occupy Wall Street from The Comics Beat

Ty Templeton’s Reacts To Frank Miller In Cartoon Form! from ComIc Taste

Frank Miller blasts Occupy protesters as ‘pond scum’ and ‘rapists’ from Comic Book Resources/Robot 6

A Fair and Balanced Viewpoint from NonSensical Words

Bun Toons con Frank Miller. from No One Equals Doom

Frank Miller: The Dennis Miller of Comics from ALL DAY COMICS


BULLET POINTS: Comics News Roundup for November 14, 2011 from Comics Bulletin

Ty Templeton puts Frank Miller’s douchebaggery in perspective…. from The Terrible Triple Feature


Tuesday November 15

Holy Terror – Frank Miller gegen den Rest der (Comic)Welt from EIN COMIC LEBEN

Occupy Wall Street and Comics: Documenting a Movement from Corey Blake:  Comics Pundit, Comedic Performer, Goofball

Harley and Ivy Are Best Friends, Day 2: Bunk Beds Are Cool from BULLY SAYS:  COMICS OUGHTA BE FUN!

MARTES 15 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2011 from flora y fauna

Wednesday November 16

Maxwell Lord… from DC Who’s Who

Things to do and read from TORONTO COMICS REVIEW

CBR Preview: STAR TREK 100-PAGE SPECTACULAR from Comic Book Resources

Thursday November 17

Frank Miller | Autor é criticado após atacar movimento Occupy Wall Street from Omelete

Autor Frank Miller é atacado após criticar movimento Occupy Wall Street. Ou: O crime imperdoavél em ser de “direita” from GRUPO JUGO LIMPO

Cartoonists Respond to Frank Miller’s Anti-Occupy Rant [Webcomics] from Comics Alliance


Friday November 18

Holy Crap from  ARKHAM COMICS

Harley and Ivy Are Best Friends, Day 5: Always the Floral Arrangement, Never the Bride from BULLY SAYS:  COMICS OUGHTA BE FUN!

TrekInk: Star Trek comics news roundup  from

FPB Episode 11: Frank, You Have “Occupied” Our Attention from expert

Links der Woche: Mit Crowdfunding, Comicforschung und Occupy from Comicgate

Saturday November 19

Utilitarian Review 11/19/11 from THE HOODED UTILITARIAN

Sunday November 20

Speed Reading  from SPEED FORCE

IDW anuncia seus quadrinhos de Jornada para 2012 from TREK BRASILIS


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    Keep up the good fight!
    Mike Hansen

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