Thankful Bun Toons! (Featuring Jack Kirby!) YAY!

It’s Thanksgiving Sunday in Canada. We do it first, and we do it best.

Today is the day we sit back and give thanks whilst devouring birds and hogs across this fine land (or steamed legumes for our less fortunate, vegetarian brothers and sisters).

It’s not celebrating a past dinner with local natives, or  Canada or anything in particular, but it allows us all to take a moment and be thankful for things.  Me, I’m thankful for art – from the defining genius and courage of Picasso, to the instinctive genius of Jack Kirby, I thank the universe for it all the art it sends my way.

And that got me thinking.  Who was the true KING ARTIST of the long-gone  20th Century?   I can’t decide between Kirby and Picasso, and today we get to hear what they thought of EACH OTHER.

This special Bun Toon is comprised entirely of actual quotations found in different interviews with both Jack Kirby and Pablo Picasso, when the subject of their counterpart came up in the conversation.

I’m also thankful for modern medicine and Big Bird, no matter what his ultimate fate may be.   But I only have time to Bun Toon about one of my favourite things.

Ty the Guy OUT!

And now, your TWO (2) AMAZING Kirby/Picasso BONUS moments:


Because the internet has one of everything on it.

The above Picasso/Thor image came from here.  Go look, there’s a ton more super-hero Picasso works over there.



Panel six is where Lucy pulls the football away.  Click on it to enlarge.

(And hey, if anyone wants to re-post The Bun Toon above, do me a favour, and link back here instead of just posting the full toon…the joke needs the prose  intro to set up the joke properly.  


Saving-my punchline-Ty!)


For last week’s Swiftian Satire Bun Toon, click here.

For Every Bun Toon Ever (though I think the last couple of links need putting up) click the lazy rabbit above

8 responses to “Thankful Bun Toons! (Featuring Jack Kirby!) YAY!

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  2. Isn’t the Picasso “cartoon” actually studies for “Guernica”? Saw it at the Prado (I think they’ve moved it since then). Poster reproductions don’t prepare you for it at all.

  3. Makes me wonder what a cubist rendition of Kirby setting at his drafting table, of course with all of the characters looking on, might actually look like.

    Thankfully it is October as this may be a tad scary.


    Steven Willis

  4. Oh man, I’ve seen that bonus #2 (Picasso comics) in a book back in college. Forgot about it until now. That was when I was a full on McCloud-ite and saw “COMICS” in as many of my art history classes as possible.

    And man, Jonathan Richman was totally wrong about Pablo Picasso!!!

    Oh, you silly Canadians and your weird holiday times. You’ve got Easter coming up in a month, right? And then Labour Day, Groundhog Day, and Arbor Day all in a row, innit?

  5. Whereas here in the States, it’s only Columbus Day…

    So, to celebrate the spirit of the day, I marched into the home across the street, proclaimed that it was now mine, and threatened to kill everyone there who didn’t convert to my religion.

    I have a court date next month, so Kirby up above was marginally more successful. (Marginally, get it?)

  6. Love the cartoon! (Wonder if an actual meeting of giants might have gone like this)

    Picasso was quite the fun-loving guy, and as a youth he spent quite some time as a penniless bohemian at Barcelona and Paris before earning recognition (and the bit of wealth that came with it), so he wasn’t unlike a boy growing up around Yancy St.

    And, if the menu he drew for 4 Gats restaurant as a young man is an indication, he was no stranger to beer:

    Bonus: Picasso as Bova

  7. This may be one of the greatest things I have ever seen.

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