Correction! The Bunny was WRONG!?!?

Like all great journalists, I have to correct a previous column when I find out I was wrong.  I said that Mad Magazine had “gone the way of all flesh, sigh”, which suggests it’s not being published any more.  It’s still out there, on a quarterly, rather than eighteen times a year schedule (including MadKids and Mad Specials!) but it’s still out there.  I’d simply not seen a new Mad in quite a while and figured it was gone.  My bad.  Now, why haven’t I seen ’em on sale anywhere?   I’d be scooping up those quarterlies like a hungry wolf, but I ain’t seen one.

All my best to Sam V. and the gang, and I hope I’m not too much of an idiot at this point for the gang.

Ty the Guy

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