How amusing to see what the internet can dredge up from its depths.

Many years back, I worked on a series of animated Batman commercials, pushing the Toyland department of Zellers stores. ( Zellers is a Canadian version of K-Mart or Target, just a small step up from a Walmart.) I did storyboards, layout, background art and key animation for about 60% of these ads (more or less all the repeating parts, and all the villain “reveals” [except Riddler] are my work, and most of each commercial repeats quite a bit).  You can see how fond I was of Brian Bolland in the slavish imitation of his designs and style I followed.

This Zellers Batman gig, by the way, eventually led to my working on Batman: The Animated Series for about two weeks (where I drew nothing and wrote nothing), and eventually to my gig drawing and writing the tie-in comic (The Batman Adventures).  But that’s a story for another day.

As we only had video tapes to copy things onto back then, my copies are essentially destroyed–so degraded I can’t play them anymore, and I’ve wished I had playable copies for years.  But someone had copies and has uploaded ’em to YouTube.  Here’s a link to them , and here’s a link to an article over on Topless Robot that alerted me that these things were out there.

What blows my mind is that there’s remixes and dance versions of these things.  BWAH HAH HA HA HA HA HA!

It’s getting weird when the internet has better copies of your youth than you do.

Ty the Guy


  1. Dude, those commercials are amazing. It’s not often you see animation of that quality connected to comic book heroes. Most of them get stuck with stiff, ugly DIC-style stuff. You should be proud.

  2. I love these commercials – Especially the Catwoman, who knew there was animation of her 80’s costume! Not me. I really like her reveal, very slinky. Any chance Ty kept any of the storyboards, or animation from the ads…? It would be great to share.

  3. Ty’s been on a hunt through his stacks (and stacks and stacks) of art, and various boxes…he’s found lots of other stuff, but not the art from the ads yet. (That’s how he came across the McDonald’s Happy Meal box art, pages from the How to Draw books…and more).

    If he finds any of it, we’ll be sure to put it up as a post…

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