Animation by Ty, Part Deux

Whoops–missed one!  Not sure how exactly I missed this** (or Ty, who had a lunch meeting with Rick Green just YESTERDAY! Something they’re thinking about doing about some old show the two of them love called…Hover something…hoverguy?  Hoverman?  Hoverboy?) but I forgot all about the opening credits for the old TVO show, Prisoners of Gravity.

(Ty did do a handful of cartoons for the first episode of Rick Green’s show, History Bites.  But the concept of the show was tweaked and after the initial episode, the focus was on the pretense that the viewer was channel-surfing and tv guide-checking at the time period of each episode: thus, no need for cartoons that were meant to seem as if they’d been taken from magazines or newspapers of the time.)


**Heh–might have helped if I’d checked Ty’s IMDb (very incomplete) credits where they actually list him as the Title Designer for the show.  Who knew?


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