Batman Happy Meal Box Art Part 3

Responding to constant nagging from the wife (ignoring me wasn’t working), Ty scanned me the rest of the pages for the McDonald’s Happy Meal Box art he did years and years ago. (I’ve actually finally seen a photo of the boxes; hoping to post those soon.)

It’s fun to see some of the old art…especially stuff featuring Catwoman.  Ty used our cats for inspiration: if you spot a Siamese kitty, that was Batman (seriously.  And Ty will swear ’til he’s a very old man that it wasn’t because of Batman, but a cricket-playing friend whose nickname was that).  Near her should be a tiny white kitty, and that was Epiphany Proudheart a/k/a Piffy.


2 responses to “Batman Happy Meal Box Art Part 3

  1. kenn peterson

    Wow! Talk about bringing back memories. I was the art director for these boxes. I remember being really excited about the series and being able to do the happy meals. I also remember being frustrated by McDonald’s always asking to brighten things up and I kept trying to explain to them about most of the adventures taking place at night. I still think I have the prototype for the batmobile toy.

    • That’s so cool, Kenn, nice to meet you, virtually. You know, I never got a copy of the box, since I live in Canada…do you have a set of photos of the final project at all? I’d love to see the whole thing in colour and finished. I saw a commercial for the toys and the box once, but that was it.


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