Looking for stuff?

I’ve been trying to impose some sense of organization on stuff here…but it ain’t easy when dealing with one of those “artistic types”. When Ty first started posting cartoons he wanted them under Templetoons, then Bunny Funnies, then eventually he invented a logo for “Bun-Toons” (although he’s still not sure that’s what he wants them all under). At the moment, I’ve tried my darndest to make sure all posts with cartoons/comics are tagged Bun-Toons and Ty Toons. Or…you can just click on the “bun toons” tag at the end of an entry and see what ya get.

If you want to go back to the beginning and take a look at what’s what, you can use the Archive–the blog started up in September 2009. But, I’ve been posting “LAST WEEK in Art Land” entries on Sundays, listing everything published in the week prior (Monday to Sunday) and you can also wander through the site using those (although I do have to finish doing the ones February to mid-May 2010).

Pages for sale are always in Index of Available Art, in the sidebar under “Art to Buy”..although I occasionally lag a bit with the current week’s pages. Today is the first time there have been new pages up in the last month and a half so, except for those two, you’ll find everything else in the Index.

If you’ve been to Art Land with any regularity, you probably know that Ty likes to post the occasional list of his top seven or top ten on some subject. Those are gathered up and listed under “Top Seven…” right above the header.

Ty has a Facebook fan page here

and he’s on Twitter (although not particularly active at the moment) www.twitter.com/tytempleton

The Hoverboy Museum is online

and Ty’s brother has a site where he’s posted the run of Stig’s Inferno.

And for those who’ve asked and those who’ve wondered:  when I do links for Ty’s entries I tend to pick a Wikipedia link if I can find one. Yes, I know that writers and artists, etc. often have blogs–but they don’t always, or they have a couple and it’s hard to know which will give people the most information. I find that, generally, if a fan has done a Wikipedia entry for someone, it will probably also have links to any of their available online sites–so you get the whole shebang on one page.

And that’s that. I think. Maybe…if there’s something you’re wondering about Ty you can check out “All About Ty”, above the header. If you can’t find an answer, you can email us at tytempletonart@gmail.com, or you can leave a comment on an appropriate page, or you can leave your question-as-a-comment on the “Ask a Question” page..Ty’s pretty good about answering (as you’ll see if you look at some of the pages).

Yeah. So, I’m done…


One response to “Looking for stuff?

  1. Keeping a site organized when the content just continues to grow and grow means that you are always working to keep it organized; the job will never end…


    Steven G. Willis

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