Squirrel Girl

I really shouldn’t do this, as in theory I’m supposed to object to “scans daily” on principle (as it infringes copyrights like crazy) but I’m too amused by the nearly forty forum comments about my recent Squirrel Girl page with Dan Slott, not to provide a link.

So if you follow this link, DO NOT LOOK at the illegally scanned page, just read the comments.  You have to BUY the comic and enjoy it, and then read these comments.

And remember, if you cross S-Girl, she will f*** your s*** up.

Ty the Guy OUT!

3 responses to “Squirrel Girl

  1. I looked at the scan, sorry.

    I made up for it by buying the issue at lunch time. In addition the the Squirrel Girl story, it comes with 21 other pages!

    None of those other pages has Tippy-Toe.

  2. I remember this page from class. It rock’s Ty. Funny as hell too. Sorry to hear about Harvey. He was a true original.

  3. At least this time Squirrel Girl was not on all fours…


    Steven G. Willis

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