Talk about a collector's item!

Whilst rooting around in the dollar bins at my last convention, I came across the gem you see above.  It’s important for many many reasons:

1)  Unlike issue #1 of this Golden Age Canadian White comic book series, issue #2 is ULTRA-RARE, and I have never even SEEN one in person.

2)  It was drawn by “Ty Murphy”.  (You can see his signature in the lower right, under the Shield’s foot).  Ty was one of Canada’s first comic book professionals, and certainly one of the more consistent illustrators of the Canadian Whites.  And if you haven’t guessed by now, I was named after him by my cartoonist father, who owed Mr. Murphy money and settled the debt by naming his last born son after him, some twenty years after Murphy died.

For more information about the great Canadian Super-hero pictured in this ancient cover go to HEROES OF THE NORTH and click “PLAY” to watch a newly shot webisode of the golden age character, or click HERE and click on the download comics button, to read an all new retelling of his origin adventure!  Or HERE for a facebook gallery of modern versions of the characters (I’ve got one in there, very bum-centric!)

That’s it.  Back to typing script and inking little figures in backgrounds.  Ah, the life of Riley!


Here now, your comic book moment of zen.

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10 responses to “CANADIAN SHIELD COMICS!

  1. I’m pretty sure that my grandparents had copy of this comic at the cottage many years ago…wish they had kept it, I could retire! its SOOO scarce!

  2. I hope you’re discussing the Canadian Shield comic, and not the Swastika loving comic zen. Let’s face it, we ALL had a copy of Hansi under our beds as teenagers. “Why do you think they called her “HANSI”?” he asked with a knowing grin.

    Guy, Ty The

  3. You are missing an A in Canadian!

    That Hansi comic is something else!

    The whole thing can be read here:

    Gotta love propaganda! 🙂

  4. Ya always seem to find the oddest oldies: Hansi… Sheessshhhh.


    Steven G. Willis

  5. Wait…Spy Smasher would be a Canadian reprint of a Fawcett comic. I have a couple of Fawcett Canadian editions from the war, but I don’t think they’re worth anything….

  6. Maurice Schimetschek

    TY if you want to sell or trade Canadian reprints GIVE ME A CALL 860-322-4040 Regards, Maurice

  7. You could’ve told me that comic was published last year. Solid modeling and anatomy in a comic book is a rare thing these days.

    • Which comic? The Canadian Shield comic or the Hansi, Swastika Girl? If they published the Canadian Shield one, that’s news to me, I hope I see a copy. If you’re referring to the Johnny Canuck comic that came out December of last year (and next week for issue #2!) then by all means, pick up a copy! I wrote it…

  8. The Canadian Shield NO.2

    What year was that comic issued?

    It looks so modern.


    you didn’t draw the cover up and add photoshop age distressing did you?

    • Why no! I didn’t draw the cover, it was done by my…uncle or grandfather, I can’t remember what I said in the original post. Anyway, it was a relative with the same name and signature that I have. I’d NEVER fake up an old cover. Just ask Hoverboy…

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