LAST WEEK on the ‘net

Monday September 20

Wasted:  Waster Taster, Gibson Quarter….from Wasted Comic

Hey Kids, Comix! from Sequential

Tuesday September 21

Direct Currents:  Tuesday September 21 from DC Bloodlines

Who Says They Don’t Make Comics for Kids Anymore? (comment) from Comic Book Resources Forums

Wednesday September 22

Let Freedom Ring from The Chronicle:  Tales of the Neo_Prodigy

Marvel Comics in December 2010 featuring the works of Canadian creators from Joe Shuster Awards

Thursday September 23

Moonstone for January 2011 from First Comic News

The Top Seven Wildstorm Comics–Ty Templeton from Free SF – Not Free SF MegaBlog

Saturday September 25

Bigg Time, una farsa sobre la fama from Alita News

Letras y Vinetas (90):  Bigg Time, Una Farsa Sobre la Fugacidad de la Fama from Ruta 42

The Linkypeux of 9.25.2010 from Nurgh

Watch Dexter Season 5 Episode 1 from Free Press Release

Bun Toon Animal Facts/Ty Templeton’s Art Land from Animal Planet

Speed Reading from Speed Force

Disgusting Creatures from RabbitHugs

Sunday September 26

Disgusting Creatures from Giant Panda

What Are You Reading? from Robot 6@Comic Book Resources

Dexter Early Cuts:  The Animated Series from JDMFilm Reviews

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