Bun Toon Animal Facts.

Gaze upon this, ye mighty, and despair

I was at a party for the school I teach at last night, welcoming the new students to the new location, celebrating the fit-to-print project from last year’s group, and letting them watch their teacher get drunk and show off the wife’s tattoo.   So Bun Toon is late, and I am bad man.  But better latent than never, my pastor always told me.

Off we go into…

Every word of this was meticulously researched by our crack staff.  Get me a lie detector, I’ll prove it to you doubters.


Here now, your comic book moment of zen

3 responses to “Bun Toon Animal Facts.

  1. Hey! I got one of those comics last May from the Maine State Museum. Just before that plant, the last sardine cannery in the US, closed.

  2. OMG the dog’s FACE! 😀

  3. I believe also the sardines in the advert evolved before humans. I think they event evolved before cats or dogs…


    Steven G. Willis

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