Take a Workshop with Ty!

For those of you in the Greater Toronto Area, there are still a few spaces available in Toronto Cartoonists Workshop workshops. Ty will be teaching his WORLD-FAMOUS Comic Book Bootcamp Part 1 (he’s starting to infect me with his all-caps!), on Mondays and Tuesdays.

There will be other workshops starting March 3–check the website for details.


4 responses to “Take a Workshop with Ty!

  1. Paul the Curmudgeon

    that’s one awfully solemn portrait

    • Isn’t it though? That was the point, actually. I think my wife said “smile” or “look happy” just before she snapped the shot.

  2. yep. You were absolutely determined that you weren’t going to smile…I think I threatened to flash you and you completely lost it after that.

  3. I’m really enjoying the Writer’s Workshop, Ty…Lots of fun and great learnin’ too!

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