Northern Guard #2 is headed for the stores!

…with another LOVELY Jason Edmiston cover.  It’s due out this Wednesday, so far as I can tell, but I’m never in the loop on these things.  The issue has made it’s way into the hands of a few reviewers already. They have their say here and here.  (Go ahead and click, they’re good reviews or I wouldn’t have linked to ’em.)

If #2 is not in your comic stores this week, holler and shout and cause a ruckus, without doing any bodily harm, and get them to order an issue #2 (and back issues of #1 while you’re making the fuss).     Our little hockey-playing band of super-heroes could use the extra noise, and the artwork by David J. Cutler (as well as the colouring by K.T. Smith!) is thrice worth getting before it’s all turned into a common trade paperback and EVERYONE has one.  You DO want to be first on your block to discover Cutler and Smith before they become the standard bearers of 21st comic art, don’t you?

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, you Canadian Comic Book Moment of the Day:

Little known fact: Northern Guard is not, in fact, the first super-hero comic book set in Canada.

7 responses to “Northern Guard #2 is headed for the stores!

  1. NG may not be the first but so far it is a pretty good leading candidate for being the best to be set in Canada.


    Steven G. Willis

    • Aw, go on. (Seriously, go on…)

      The other day, my wife was noticing that she’s currently lettering or colouring THREE different comic projects that are about super-heroes in Canada. HEROES OF THE NORTH, TIGHTS AND FIGHTS and NORTHERN GUARD, all featuring us french-speaking igloo dwelling bacon eaters as superheroes. So there may be more competition for the title than you think. Especially with sounds of a Captain Canuck movie in the air…

  2. That’s a beautiful cover! It has a Jusko-esque feel to it that, IMHO, suits it really well.

    • Dat’s why I asked for Jason to do the covers. He did a cover for me for Hoverboy a while back, and it blew me away. I’d hire him for damn near every comic I worked on if he wasn’t taking off like a rocket in our biz and soon he’ll be out of my price range. He’s been doing amazing covers for Famous Monsters lately, and I think they’re going to grab him and chain him to a desk.

  3. Paul the Curmudgeon

    Nice looking book – even if “Northern Guard” still sounds to me like a racist militia or a deodorant.

    • Northern Guard was not my first choice (Which was simply calling it “Johnny Canuck”) but Moonstone couldn’t find anyone that had heard of Johnny Canuck and over-ruled me.

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