LAST WEEK on the ‘net

Monday February 14

Northern Guard:  OTR #32, In Soviet Russia, the Heroes Super You! from Comic Vine

“Super-Heroes in Love” from The Aquaman Shrine


CUPID’S NIB: Our 10 Eye-Catching Valentine’s Cartoons of the Day by Michael Cavna from Comic Riffs/The Washington Post

Thursday February 17

Northern Guard #2 – Review from Player Infinity

REVIEW:  Northern Guard #2 from Major Spoilers

Ask Chris #46:  What’s So Funny About Good Clean Fun? from Comics Alliance

Saturday February 19

What’s Current? from Aquaman News

Sunday February 20

Sunday Runaround – With Fleet Like This, Who Needs Enemas? from Bleeding Cool

Speed Reading (February 20, 2011) from Speed Force

Kill Shakespeare wants you to get your first break in comics! from Kill Shakespeare

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