LAST WEEK on the ‘net

Monday February 13

A different take on the Ghost Rider controversy. from scans_daily

Tuesday February 14

Gary Friedrich case spurs debate about convention sketches from Comic Book Resources/Robot 6

New All-Ages Comic Book Line Tied to MARVEL Animation from Newsarama

Random Comics News Story Round-Up from The Comics Reporter

The Gary Friedrich Situation & What That Has to Do with Sean Murphy and Commissions from

Jean-Marc Lofficier On The Consequences Of The Gary Friedrich Decision from Bleeding Cool

Wednesday February 15

Before Watchmen vu par Ty Templeton. fromARKHAM COMICS

Polêmica do Motoqueiro Fantasma vira debate na indústria from MULTIVERSO DC

Hey, let’s talk about that whole Ghost Rider thing and how comics rely of the Gray Market from The Signal Watch

Ghost Rider, The Walking Dead, and creative ownership in comics from Den of Geek!

Thursday February 16

L’affaire Gary Friedrich vue par Ty Templeton. from ARKHAM COMICS

Ghost Riders In Artists’ Alley from Crisis on Infinite Midlives

Gary Friedrich, Marvel, and Ghost Rider from Unstable Molecules

Friday February 17

Quadros Sonoros: O “espírito da vingança” da Marvel contra o co-criador do Motoqueiro Fantasma from QUADRISÔNICO


Saturday February 18

COMICS: Cover Art Revealed For THE AVENGERS Tie-In Prequel

Marvel Unveil Their All-Ages Titles from Comics Vanguard

All-ages Marvel Universe line unveiled from digital spy

Marvel Comics’ The Avengers Movie Tie – In Cover Revealed from

Speed Reading from Speed Force

Sunday February 19

Disney emménage avec Marvel à New York from ActuaLitté:  les univers des livre



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