Convention Sketches I don’t hate.

I always hate my convention sketches.

1)  I don’t draw particularly well to begin with, and

2) I’m always seated near Leonard Kirk, the KING of the con-sketch.

Both of those factors lead me to cringe at almost every convention sketch I see scanned and put up online.  But this last weekend, I actually did a handful that didn’t suck.

The above shot of Indiana Jones was done for a fan named Derek Jagt, who went around the convention asking all the artists for a drawing of Indy.  Obviously, I couldn’t draw one out of my head, but when presented with a reference photo, I did this in about fifteen minutes, with two grey markers and a Faber-Castell artist pen.  I’m not sure I completely caught Harrison Ford’s likeness as perfectly as I would have, given another hour or so, but what I like about it is the very casual line work all through the sketch.  When I do a portrait, I tend to tighten up, but this has some of that easy movement one might see in a Mort Drucker piece.  I’m not in his league, but every now and then, I can see what I’m doing to get there.

On the more whimsical side of things, here’s a sketch cover  I did for Jason Truong, a friend of the blog.  Whenever I do Wolverine, The Thing, Nick Fury or Howard the Duck, I always insist on the cigar, since they’re not allowed to smoke in the comics any more.

Even if it’s Chibi Baby Wolverine.  He’s a mutant, he’s got the healing power for when he starts coughing up the phlegm.

There were one or two others that didn’t suck from the weekend.  I did one with V for Vendetta that wasn’t awful.  But I don’t have a scan of that one.

Back to drawing in my home studio…where I get to use an eraser and white out if I don’t like how it’s going.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Con Sketches:

I’m serious about not sitting next to Leonard Kirk at a convention if you have any pride.  Look at the sort of thing Len considers a “con sketch”.

It makes you want to break his fingers, except he’s a very nice guy.  GRRR.

6 responses to “Convention Sketches I don’t hate.

  1. If it makes you feel any better, I’ll break your fingers…

  2. I happen to think you’re a pretty stellar drawer, and I would absolutely fall out if I happened to get a convention sketch from you, provided I was able to attend a convention you were at. And besides – I’d only ask you to draw something that was your creation – not someone else’s. Though I would love to see your take on the Tick.

  3. Charles H. Bryan

    Ty, if I could draw as well as you do, I’d never stop admiring myself. If many others drew as well as you do, I’d like comics more. You do damn fine work.

  4. Artists are ALWAYS too hard on themselves. It’s because you have great taste and you always strive to do better, go further, push the envelope. Remember to give yourself a break once in a while. 😉

  5. Could we nitpick the likeness to Harrison Ford? Sure (though I couldn’t do so with any credibility whatsoever). But you totally nailed Indiana Jones. Sometimes I think we conflate the actor with the character, and comics have taught me that even when all we have to go on for what a character looks like is how an actor looked in the role, there are ways of conjuring the character without slavishly stealing the soul of the actor.

    Oh, and Leonard Kirk? I’m just going to throw away my sketch books now and close my feeble deviantART account.

  6. Dude, I wish I could draw like you.

    i wish I could draw, period. but my talents lie more in the words than the images.

    I have found that an artist, generally, is their own worst critic. I think that the fact that people are wiling to give you money in trade for art speaks well enough of your talents…

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