Tony Harris Bun Toons! YAY

Fortunately, the bunny is sexy enough to cosplay without pants.

Eternally attractive comic book artist, Tony Harris, has FINALLY told the cosplayers of this world the rules of the game.  Please, ladies, don’t show up to conventions in sexy clothes unless you’re a) very sexy,  b) aware that you’re not sexy, but an expert on the character you’ve dressed up as, or c) a virgin man.

He gets to make these statements because he’s a handsome man with a VERY powerful social position.  He draws comic books.

But what if Tony Harris held a position with even MORE power?

Imagine the controversy if Tony Harris owned a dry cleaners, or sold door to door soap.

THEN, people might take him seriously.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Tony Harris Knows Sexy Moment:

Harris artowrk from the cover to one of the Ex Machina collections. This artwork just oozes, discharges and secretes sexy.


For last week’s sexy Bun Toon, drawn from a hospital bed while on heavy drugs, click above.

For an archive of past Bun Toons, click the sexy, sexy bunny above.

14 responses to “Tony Harris Bun Toons! YAY

  1. sounds like a heck of a guy

  2. Oh gawd I’m cryin’ … bravo Ty! It’s hard to believe what a jackass the man’s been during this entire thing.

  3. Oh, THANK YOU! 🙂
    This is the exact kind of response that douchebag deserves.

  4. This handily relieved the depression the original post induced!

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  6. Sadly, when he tweets, he “… just oozes, discharges and secretes” sexISM. I don’t care how talented the guy is, there’s no reason to just announce to the world that you’re a Swine.

  7. I’m rather cut off from comic books, so I had to look up Harris’ original post. Yikes! Given the number of potential customers that he’s upset, this strikes me as someone intent on committing professional suicide. You only have to look at Mel Gibson’s career arc (Mel ‘Superstar’ Gibson >>>Mel ‘I can’t get my new film released’ Gibson) to realise that saying what you really think is not always a good idea!

  8. Hahahahah that’s fucking fantastic! I read the original tweets a few days ago when TCJ ran a wonderfully sarky summary of this debacle (buried…well, not really) within the Tucker Stone/Abhay Koshala review section…I couldn’t believe this Harris guy (who I’d NEVER HEARD OF until this furor) actually took the time to WRITE THAT STUFF DOWN….let alone POST IT TO TWITTER! Coop’s response to it was hilarious; he tweeted : “Relax, comics fans, Tony Harris didn’t write that misogynist rant–he traced a photo of someone else’s misogynist rant”. One Google image search later and that made perfect, side-splitting sense……

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  10. Hey, I just stumbled on your website and I thought you should know that you are awesome. Tons of great and funny comics on here. Thanks.

  11. Oh Mister Templeton…you always sum things up SO well.

  12. Aw, man. That was sweet. Insta-fan now.

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