Doing the Research Bun Toons! BOO!

going to see itMy Bun Toon this weekend is going to be my review of the new Superman Movie, but I couldn’t get out to see it last night, so I’m heading off right now.  I can’t Bun Toon while in a dark movie theatre, so it will go up tomorrow.

See you back here, same Bat-Time, same Bat-Blog.

Oh, wait.  Batman’s my regular nine-to-five.  Today is Superman day.

Ty the Guy

Oh, and the above cartoon was from my review of the Brandon Ruined film, not this one, obviously, as I have yet to see it.



One response to “Doing the Research Bun Toons! BOO!

  1. I pity the actors who takes on role of Superman after Chris Reeves, but, Brandon didn’t do a bad job, he was just in a bad movie. The other day the director was interviewed and stated his regrets for the story he chose to tell. Hope you give Henry so consideration in his attempt.

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