Pearl Handled Bun Toons! YAY!

Draw, partner.  That's what I do all day...

Draw, partner. That’s what I do all day…

Confession is good for the soul.  Every word of this is true, and it’s changed my family.

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I take no joy in telling you that the live action Jonah Hex movie was the biggest pile of crap Hollywood has ever produced.  I wanted to like it.

But hey, I still got about a hundred or so Jonah Hex comics yet to read, and there’s the new monthly title STILL coming out from The New 52 DC, I’m still in Jonah Hex heaven until further notice.

Ty the Guy OUT!

hex Justice League coverMy wife, who has a better memory than I do, reminded me that I had actually DRAWN Jonah Hex on the cover of a Justice League comic a number of years back.  Holy Hannah, she was right.  Now I’m sorry I sold the original artwork for this around the time the issue came out.  I’d like to own my own little contribution to the world of Jonah Hex…

But yuh cain’t spend yer days looking back on whut mighta been.  Leastways not with this here dead eye a’ mine.


You can ALWAYS look back on last week's Bun Toon by clicking here.  All true stories RULE!

You can ALWAYS look back on last week’s Bun Toon by clicking here. What’s in a Name?

More looking back - this time into the Bun Toons Archive, for the reading pleasure of all you cowboys and saloon gals.

More looking back – this time into the Bun Toons Archive, for the reading pleasure of all you cowboys and saloon gals.



16 responses to “Pearl Handled Bun Toons! YAY!

  1. The live action movie was a disappointment (though there have been worse movies), but the animated short that they put on the DVD/Blu-ray of Batman: Under the Red Hood was fantastic.

  2. You might want to avoid the 80s Hex series, where he went to the future.

    • When I said there were more than 250 comics featuring Jonah Hex, of course, I included all 24 of those issues to get to that final number. I’ve already read a few of them, Scott, and do not know what you have against them (beyond the basic series-wrenching premise), they’re drawn by Mark Texiera, the scripts are still be Fleisher and the character stays surprisingly intact for so drastic a change in the Status Quo. They even deal with his time travel past in the recent New 52 issues when he meets Booster Gold from the future, and comments that time travel ain’t a big deal.

  3. I bought the Jonah Hex Showcase a long time ago. There are a few non-Jonah stories in there (I think due to DC reprint fee rising after a certain year) but they are also very good. Jonah Hex is addictive, almost in the same way Lone Wolf and Cub is. If you never read them, start with those 3 volume reprints they are putting out now. After reading those you can consider running for Premier of Ontario 😉

  4. I was given Weird Western Tales #24 as a kid and remember loving it. I’ll never forget the cover of Jonah Hex walking blind onto those punji sticks, it used to freak me out a bit! (Thankfully, I got over it… but don’t get me near the Shish Kebab!)

  5. I bought issue #50 of Old-52 Jonah Hex because Darwyn Cooke had done the art. I was hooked by everything else and it became one of my favorite comics, and probably my favorite comics run of all time. Alas, I had to stop buying All-Star Western after 4 issues because it cost too much along with my other comics.

    The first bit of writing I ever had published was actually a review of Showcase Presents Jonah Hex, which is awesome. So psyched they’re releasing a Volume 2!

    • Most of the issues I’m missing are the All-Star/Weird Western issues that ran in the first Showcase, and the first fifteen issues or so that are likely to run in the NEXT Showcase. I can’t find either the issues cheap enough, or the Showcase itself. But I’ve still got a pile of unread issues, so I’m not panicking yet.

  6. If I were you I would avoid the New 52 ALL-STAR WESTERN as it doesn’t take place in the west and has been in the present for too many issues now. The old stuff, of course, is great.

  7. I am seeing well over 600 issues with Jonah Hex worldwide:

    Now if I can just finish that country and language filter tool we could narrow it down it bit so you don’t need to read Norwegian…


    Steven Willis

  8. Yes, yes, yes to Jonah Hex. What a well done title this has been, certainly throughout Palmiotti and Gray’s run.

  9. I’m not a fan big of cowboys, but I’ve been a fan of Jonah Hex since I was a little boy. Please also be aware of the amazing Batlash comic. Written by Sergio Aragones and drawn by Nick Cardy. It’s in a Showcase Presents trade for like 10 bucks. It’s one of the best trades I’ve ever owned. Batlash is like a dandy / proto Groo. It’s a super fun comic and full of those beautiful Cardy women.

  10. There is nothing quite like the thrill of picking up a book you haven’t read before and becoming enthralled and then running around trying to find every single issue you can! Exhilarating!

    But yes, Jonah Hex is fabulous. So fabulous.

    • I’ve had people come up to me and tell me they also like Jonah Hex in the last couple of days. It’s like a cult you didn’t know you were in. Or like when you buy a red car and notice all the other red cars. Weird.
      I’m nearing the end of the first solo title, around issue seventy out of ninety-two, I think….(though I don’t have many of the last dozen issues, I haven’t seen those at conventions…). Then it’s onto the Mad-Max-Hex series, which I’ve found all but three issues of (first and last, amongst them, don’t you know!W$%@*)(#$@!)

  11. Sell me that brilliant strip. Please. And thank you for all the compliments.

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