Healthy Wealthy and Wise Bun Toons!

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It was the 51st anniversary of Star Trek a couple of days ago.  Keep that in mind as you read on…

Since last time I Bun Tooned, this humble little bunny won a Joe Shuster Award for Best Webcomic.

Thanks for any and all who nominated or voted for the rabbit.  He’d blush if he wasn’t covered in white hair.

Speaking of which….

star trek books

My wife is convinced there is a context for which this woman’s comment wasn’t horrible.  She thinks the cashier thought that two hundred books is too big a collection for one person and that it’s an achievement worth passing along.

I think she believed I wasn’t capable of reading that many books in the limited time on Earth I have left.

I read at least one of these per week when I have the spare time, sometimes two a week.

I’m fairly sure I have more than four or five years left breathing.

Ty the Guy, not yet OUT!

I’ve only gotten through about forty of them since I started buying them at the Value Village, but quite a number of them have been rip-snortin’ fun little yarns.

My favourites so far:


David Gerrold, creator of Tribbles did this one!


Spock’s son takes the stage.  Pretty good story, actually.


First contact between Vulcans and Humans, NOT the story told in First Contact, and I’d argue it’s better.


Adventures of Captain Pike and Lt. Spock.  Much good.


Fun little thriller with a great set-up…Kirk gets a court martial for breaking the Prime Directive!


This was an unfinished episode written by THEO STURGEON!!


For the last Bun Toon, click here.

8 responses to “Healthy Wealthy and Wise Bun Toons!

  1. So another angle she could have been thinking about is that Value Village is often the recipient of estates that are unwilled or the stuff dead people’s kids don’t want. Not all but a lot of their stock comes from that. Maybe she’s just suggesting it so the books don’t come back to the same place? 😉

  2. I have a different problem. I’m moving out of my house into a tiny flat and have over 150 boxes of comics, books and artbooks, portfolios and Artist Editions. And everyone keeps asking me “are you sure you need to bring all that with you” (i.e. you should get rid of some. )

    Some people are crazy.

    Hey, while sorting the stuff I even found my copy of Stig’s Inferno, so that’s a plus. 🙂

  3. Your wife is wise.

  4. You’ve already died once and that hasn’t stopped you. Doesn’t the Value Village lady know that no one in comics stays dead?

  5. not related to this strip, but i just wanted to say that your comics are amazing!! i always love the commentary that you put out, and i think your art style is super cool. it’s always fun for me to read as a current geeky teenager 🙂

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  7. Maybe she was just thinking awesome collections need to be shared.
    I remember reading “strangers from the sky” and enjoying it

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