Holmes Incorporated Marches On!

…or would that be AUGUSTS on?  Wrong month, terrible pun.

The first issue is off to the printers today!  But the advance copies won’t be ready for sale until the FANEXPO convention at the end of the month, so I have plenty o’ time to show you lucky surfers of the info-wave what’s in store for the privileged few who will be in Toronto the last weekend of August.

AHHH! I expect a refund on my airline tickets.

The cover is by (yechh) Ty the Guy Templeton, often referred to as my wife’s best friend.  I wanted this to be the greatest cover of my career, but I think it turned out closer to the SEVENTH greatest cover of my career.  Considering I’ve done more than a hundred covers in the 25 years I’ve been at it, that’s all right with me.

Forgive me if the colours look too red, or too yellow, or too brown, I’m uploading this on a computer with a crappy monitor, and I have no idea what the final look will be for you at home –  your mileage may vary, void where prohibited.  It looks spiffy in the original file, so I get to breathe out and relax.

My favorite thing about this composition is where Edgar Holmes’ priorities lie…his sister and his father are on fire, plummeting to their deaths, and he’s trying to grab the magnifying glass…but when you’re a Holmes, that spy-eye glass is your icon and you gots to save the icons first.

More glorious Holmes pages tomorrow, this time by the already great, but soon to be world famous team of Heather Emme and and Adam Gorham.  Try not to fidget and worry too much until tomorrow, but it’ll be worth the wait!


Here now, your comic book moment of zen.

5 responses to “Holmes Incorporated Marches On!

  1. 3 words…

    TER. RIF. FIC!

  2. Cover for issue #1 looks quite cool: Attack of the Killer, Flaming Black Hole… Watch out, it is sucking all of them up…

    Perspective makes interpretation fun.


    Steven G. Willis

  3. I adore the empty wheelchair falling out at the bottom right.

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