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There’s No Place Like Holmes (part 2)

Daniel Wong 2013 cover b issueWe’re back with part two of our annual festival of comic goodness we call HOLMES INCORPORATED.   Today’s cover is brought to you by the letters “Daniel” and “Wong”, who turned in an action packed image that gives our family something to do on a slow Tuesday.  YIKES!

Yesterday we sneak peaked you into the first of TWO all new volumes for this summer, showing off FIVE (5) amazing new tales of the Holmes family in all their generations. Today, we bring you the second (2nd) of TWO (2) issues this year, with yet ANOTHER five fantastic features, and it’s also, officially, a doozy!

If you need to read the other slam-packed issues of Holmes Inc. , they’re all up online for FREE here!

Onwards to the new stuff!  WOO HOO!

kaos rains

Starting off the issue with a bang (literally) we have newcomer Dave Franciosa showing off his splash page skills over a roller coaster ride of a script by Sam Noir.  Blow out the hero’s knee with a gun blast from a mysterious monster at the door, and set the scales at life or death…. THAT’S how  you start a story!  I’ll bet you want to read more, right?

carnivorous cave

There’s that Franciosa fellow again, doing layouts this time, with Jason Roussel and Matthew Tavares finishing the pencils, and Christopher Yao inking, over top of character and prop designs from Rachael Wells.   This issue features a couple of jam stories by the whole Holmes Inc. Bullpen  (we were over-abundant with eager writers to the tune of two) and had to create art-teams to give life to a couple of our instant classic scripts.

Well, when James Cooper wrote a tale that absolutely everyone in the group wanted to work on, that’s what happened.  And it turns out that there’s some advantage in splitting up the layout/pencils and inks because the pages look better than the sum of their parts.  Who knew?

young hungry 1

First time contributor Taran Chadha didn’t work on the jam story because he was busy showing off his multi-level skills on a story he wrote, drew and grey toned all by his own self.  And WOW is the only word we can use.    Only the really good ones make it look so easy.

nightmare north

With an utterly charming script from Holmes Inc. super-veteran Mike Marano (who doubled as assistant editor for this star turn…ye editor is SO proud), we see our next jam story.  This time laid out by the inimitable Rachael Wells and, penciled and inked by the whole gang (including some special guest stars from previous issues!) this story introduces us to another of Mike’s fantastic guest star characters!  Is she a new love interest for Edgar Holmes….or will she DESTROY HIM?!?

alchemy wheelchairYe editor pitched in with an art job of his own this year, with a story by second time Holmes Inc. author, Oliver Ho, that I had to get my hands on.  It’s spooky meets science-y, wrapped up in a mystery, and I got to draw Chinese Water Dragons, so everybody wins.

If you’re in Toronto, come on down to the FanExpo convention, meet the creators, and pick up your own copy (while supplies last, I suspect we might sell out of these mini-masterpieces).

ALSO:  Come on down to the FanExpo to hear me give out FREE lectures on creating comics for fun and profit.  Today’s lecture (which is, I think going on in the early afternoon 6:45pm Room 705) is called “How to Write a Plot in Under an Hour!”  There’s room for lots of people, so bring a friend!

Ty the Guy OUT!

For your Bonus Moment?  A map of Hall E

fanexpo map

It’s Old Holmes Week Here at Bun Toons Central!


Cover art by David J. Cutler, coloured by the white rabbit.

Long time readers  are familiar with the school for aspiring comic creators that I started up called the “comic book bootcamp” (found on your internet dial at     see how easy that was?).   Every year, we publish an annual comic book anthology featuring new stories and art from the minds and pencils of our Bootcamp Alumni, all starring the daring, dashing and sexy great grand-children of the Master Detective himself, Sherlock Holmes.  The family business (Holmes Incorporated) has been a thriving concern in England for more than a century, but in comic form, we’re up to the FOURTH big annual, and it’s coming out TOMORROW (barring unforeseen circumstances or a Moriarty plot).

The three previous issues from yester-year are available to read online for FREE here.

But this year the goodness was too much to contain in just one single bursting-at-the-seams magazine so we split the anthology up into TWO smashingly good issues.  Come on down to the FanExpo convention and pick up your own copy of issue 4a or 4b, and meet the creators, see what all the fuss is about, and who knows…maybe next year,  you’ll be contributing to the book  yourself.  Holmes Incorporated has already launched two or three spin-off books(done by the individual creators) and is destined to turn into a publishing empire that will topple Marvel and Disney.

To get your appetite all a-whetted, today, you’re getting page one from the five blockbuster epics that appear in issue #A and tomorrow  you’ll get the five splash pages from the thrill-a-minute classics that make up issue #B (as well as that issue’s delightfully active Holmes Inc. Cover!)

Who says this isn’t the Bootcamp Age of Comics?  I want to know, so I can fight them bare-knuckled.

it aint easy green pg 1

Kathleen Gallagher and Christopher Yao team up to give us a ripping good yarn about British skullduggery and deadly vegetation in “IT AIN’T EASY BEING GREEN”.     Get the issue and claim you were following their careers before fame and fortune hits them like a Sharknado.

til death

Artist B.C. Holmes (no relation) knocks it out of the park in her first contribution to the world of Holmes Incorporated.   We suspect she was inspired by the phenomenal script by Tuhin Giri.  I promise you, this story will break your heart.

here comes the son pg 1

Another first time contributor, Matthew Tavares, turns in a moody masterpiece of comic art with “Here Comes the Son”.  The Hitchcockian script by returning champion Daniel Reynolds is a nail biter, right to the last page! Thank god I’m wearing gloves!

fearless trey pg 1

Kevin “Silk Cuts” Goropse gives us a rocket-ride sequel to the lead story in Holmes Inc. #3.  You like Monsters?  You like swordfights?  You like brilliant deductions and iambic pentameter?  (and who doesn’t?) Then this is the tale for you!  Jason Roussel joins the team this year with his first story in print!   And what a debut!

compromise complicity pg 1

The team that brought us “Til Death” switches creative hats for this tremendous tale of political intrigue and post-colonial CSI fun.    This time out, B. C. Holmes provides the thoughtful and engaging script, and Tuhin Giri tells our gripping visual story.   We don’t let ’em leave the Bootcamp until they can do it all!

TOMORROW, you’ll get ANOTHER five stories to preview, and another spiffy cover to marvel at.  And if you’re geographically lucky enough to live in the best city in the WORLD, come on down to FaneXpo and pick up your own copies!

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here’s your BONUS Holmes Incoporated Moment:

chris yao coverFor fans of Christopher Yao, he has his OWN collection of Holmes Incorporated stories.  As our star artist, it makes sense.  We’ll have copies of this issue at our booth as well, and if we don’t, we can point you to where you can find some.

See you at the show!


If you haven’t seen it by now (and who in the civilized world has not?) here the cover for the latest issue, your guarantee of fun, mystery and excitement.

Although Holmes Incorporated #3 was officially available at this year’s FanExpo Canada 2012, everyone has been so busy that we didn’t get around to partying and celebrating the launch. That’s being fixed TONIGHT!!

Tonight, at 587A College Street West, Toronto, Second Floor, there will be art from the book on display, creators available to receive praise and admiration, and drinks! That almost guarantees an inebriated confession or two from one of our skilled writers and artists.  What more could you ask for from a Launch Party?

figure I: the creative process revealed.

Wait–there IS more! In order to support the Holmes Inc. creators who’ve been sharing space with them all these months, The Comic Book Lounge & Gallery has decided to stay open until 10pm tonight. So, while you wonder around admiring the art, you can also take some time to buy a graphic novel or a comic (or some art, or some toys or…SO many things available at The Lounge).

Figure II : Wheee!

You might even want to take the time to start your own official Pull-List at The Lounge, so you never miss out on an issue of your favourite comic (once they get to know your list, you’ll find the occasional treat as Joe, Kevin or Kellam might find a book by a creator you didn’t know about and pull it so you can have a look before it sells out).

Figure III: Kevin and Joe welcome you to their lounge. Kellam is simply too handsome to be recorded on film.

Plenty of fun reasons to spend your evening with the next group of tomorrow’s comic book superstars.  Come and get your nerd on, fellow babies.  It won’t be the same if you’re not there!


Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Comic Book Party Moment:

’cause there ain’t no party like an Okeefenokee Party



Yayyy!! The LAST Preview Pages of Holmes Incorporated #3!!

Fan Expo Canada 2012 starts at 4pm today, so I’m off with the fine folks who buy comics and keep my sorry butt employed! But before I leave for the day, I have to make sure you get to see the last of the Frankly Fabulous work our team of creators produced for Holmes Incorporated #3!

Today’s we start with Dylan Kloepfer scripting a story for Adira Rotstein to illustrate. Adira scripted the touching “Hologram Holmes”, seen a few days back in these previews, and Dylan illustrated the action packed “Heroic Deeds” seen yesterday.  You mean these people are all writing AND drawing stories?  How do they contain all that talent?  They didn’t, they got it out and put it on the page!  Together they came up with Finally Peace and Quiet.

Story by Dylan Kloepfer, art by Adira Rotstein

Murder on the Moon is by a couple of OG creators who have been with us since Holmes Inc. was a gleam in everyone’s eye.  Writer Mike Marano, and artist Christopher Yao, team up to show everyone how it’s done.  Please, Marvel or DC, don’t steal these guys away from us too soon.

Story by Mike Marano, art by Christopher Yao

Last but so not least, is the work of assistant editor Kathleen Gallagher scripting a story of Trey and Artie dealing with some nefarious business in the Far East.  Kathleen has been with the Fit To Print program since BEFORE it was Holmes Incorporated, and we couldn’t be happier to see her return for her FOURTH time!  She never disappoints with her lively action-packed scripts.  Marshall Geddes picked up the art duties for his second turn at the Holmes Incorporated bat, STILL our youngest contributor at 19 years of age, and WAY too skilled for someone that young. Together, they produced Recipe for Chaos.

Story by Kathleen Gallagher, art by Marshall Geddes

Yeah, that’s how CANADIANS spell “rain check”, and Artie Holmes is Canadian.  So There.

If you haven’t seen it by now (and who in the civilized world has not?) here the cover for the latest issue, your guarantee of fun, mystery and excitement.

Holmes Incorporated #3 will be available for sale at Fan Expo this weekend (as of Friday), in Booth 614, at Holmes Inc. Alumni Rachael Well’s booth A165, and at the Templeton-Smiths tables in Artists Alley, P30A and P30B, as well as a few other spots in the building.   Stop by and pick up your copy, and stay tuned for news on when you can download this issue digitally for FREE!  We’re here for the students and we’re here for the readers.  We want everyone to enjoy this one.

Ty the Guy OUT !!

Here now, your BONUS Sherlock Holmes Comic Book Moment:

The great Blue Water Comics, refining Holmes down to what the fans really want.

No, sorry, I forgot it was the 2010s and everything is vampire nowadays. DC finally makes the Sherlock Holmes that Twilight fans really want.

We all know Holmes is best when he’s a teenage girl with a pair of Katana swords. That’s why Holmes Inc. wins!

Here now your BONUS Holmes Inc. Bonus Moments:

Check out this special edition of Holmes Inc. Available at FanExpo at Christopher Yao’s table. All Yao Issue!

And THIS special edition of Holmes Inc. available at Rachael Wells table at FanExpo. All Wells issue!


AND! If you’d like to learn how to write and draw your own comics, just like these creators did…be sure to check out the courses over at my Comic Book Bootcamp. There are still some spaces available in Writing for Comics Part One, and Drawing the Human Figure from your head.

It’s New Comics Wednesday with even MORE Holmes Incorporated Previews!

One more day until Fan Expo Canada 2012. One more day I get the privilege of showing off the marvelous work of the contributors to this years issue of Holmes Incorporated (#3 in a series of who knows how many?).

Look for this cover at the convention, and you’ll be talking to a contributor, or one of the excellent retailers who are carrying the book

Today, we start with Flight Lessons, a charming tale of charm and how to learn it, written by the very charming Daniel Reynolds and more-than-charmingly illustrated by Meg Kearney.

Written by Daniel Reynolds, art by Megan Kearney

Next up is an exciting flashback story, set in the Second World War, featuring “the Old Man” of Holmes Incorporated, back when he wasn’t quite so old.  For a script so filled with “old” it’s done by two young men worth looking out for in the future, making a story very much worth looking at right now…Written by newcomer Eric Houstoun and penciled and inked by newcomer Dylan Kloepfer.

Story by Eric Houstoun, art by Dylan Kloepfer

We normally give you two pages for each story, but there’s a fun bit of a clue I DON’T want to give away until you get the book in your hot little hands.  I know it’s tough, but you’ll have to wait.

Next, Savannah MacIntosh and Tuhin Giri , our impressive team-up from yesterday’s preview pages, come together for a SECOND story in the book, flipping duties this time…Savannah illustrates Tuhin’s script instead of the other way around.  I think you’ll agree that Savannah’s art is as lovely as Tuhin’s script.  Is this the next Lee/Kirby?

Story by Tuhin Giri, art by Savannah MacIntosh

Come back tomorrow for our last set of preview pages before the start of Fan Expo Canada 2012, Thursday August 23 4pm.  After all this skill on display, is it possible we saved the best for last?!?

Tune in tomorrow and see…

Ty the Guy OUT!!

Even with all these free pages, you STILL get a Bonus Sherlock Holmes Comic Book Moment:  Would I ever give you less?

It’s impossible not to love this

Go ahead and try.

AND! If you’d like to learn how to write and draw your own comics, just like these creators did…be sure to check out the courses over at my Comic Book Bootcamp. There are still some spaces available in Writing for Comics Part One, and Drawing the Human Figure from your head.

Holmes Incorporated Countdown Continues! Tuesday Edition!

MORE Holmes Inc. goodness! How will you survive all this explosively skilled and impressive work? By heading to FanExpo Canada 2012 this weekend to buy your VERY OWN copy of the book, of course!

It will look like this…you should have no trouble finding it at the FanExpo convention this weekend in Toronto!

Up first today, pages from Analysis Paralysis, a story from first-time participants Savannah MacIntosh and Tuhin Giri, who turned in a story like a pair of old pros.   Savannah wrote this delightful story – illustrated even more delightfully by Tuhin – which sees Edgar having to rescue his sister and cousin from evil-doers.

story by Savannah MacIntosh, art by Tuhin Giri

 James Cooper is back with a one-pager, Special Guest, with art by Jeff Longstreet!

written by James Cooper, illustrated by Jeff Longstreet

Next up in our excursion through artland is returning champion artist Rachael Wells (a participant in all three Holmes Inc. issues), and a new writer, Sam Noir. I inked Rachael on her last story, and it inspired her to take my Inking for Comics course–with some pretty wonderful results, as she inks her own pages this time out. Sam Noir is a first-time participant with Artie is Dead, but his story left an impression on everyone who read it.  There’s a hidden surprise or two AFTER this tragic opening that you’ll NEVER see coming.

story by Sam Noir, art by Rachael Wells

The next haunting tale of Holmsian Love and Mystery was one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had working on this project for the last three years.  The story went through a draft or two before we got to this fabulous version in the end, and Kevin “Silkcuts” Gorospe gets my vote of the most tenacious writer we’ve ever had.  His artist Raymond Jin is another first-time participant who turned in a wonderful art job with more effort and attention to detail than anyone else, and was FINISHED FIRST, which every editor loves.  When you read the full story, you’ll fall in love with one of our cast, just like Trey did…

Take a bow, guys.

story by Kevin “Silkcuts” Gorospe, art by Raymond Jin

Holmes Incorporated #3 will be available for sale at Fan Expo this weekend, in Booth 614, at Rachael Well’s booth A165, and at the Templeton-Smiths tables in Artists Alley, P30A and P30B. Stop by and pick up your copy!!

Ty the Guy OUT!!

Here now, your BONUS Holmes Comic Book Moment:

This comic is actually the FIRST time I ever read a Sherlock Holmes story.  It came out when I was about nine or ten, and started me down a lifelong path of loving the great detective.  Walt Simonson cover, and E.R. Cruz artwork on the inside, if I recall (or one of the Redondo Brothers).

See, Mom?  Comics can learn ya stuff.

The Countdown BEGINS: Monday

The countdown to Fan Expo Canada 2012 begins!!  It’s Monday, so it’s only…no, don’t want to know, I have too much to do before Thursday’s opening at 4pm.

But–one of the things I need to do is show off some of the amazing art that came out of this year’s Fit-to-Print Holmes Incorporated workshop! 21 creators working together in different teams produced an incredible Issue 3!

Art by Adam Gorham, colours by Ty Templeton

First up, is Night of the Living, written by James Cooper , art by Brice Hall. This is the second Holmes Inc. for James, and Brice Hall’s first, but he took to it like an old pro. Besides art duties, Brice lettered his pages.  Gaze upon their beauty and wonder!  And you’ll get a chance to buy the issue at FANEXPO, or read the issue online in just another week or so…FOR FREE!!

story by James Cooper; art/letters by Brice Hall

Next up…Hologram Holmes written by Adira Rotstein. Although Adira is new to the world of comic book writing, she’s an established author having published her first YA novel, Little Jane Silver last fall (the sequel is currently in editing). She wrote a fun but touching story about our Holmes family that you’re going to LOVE when you read the full thing.

Eric Houstoun has the pencil duties on this story, his first ever published comic art.  I jumped in to add some inks and greytones (at Eric’s request), and the whole thing ended up being one of the most charming Holmes Inc. stories we’ve ever run.  See for yourself…

story by Adira Rotstein, pencils by Eric Houstoun

This issue of Holmes Incorporated includes a batch of ONE PAGE stories, each written by a different author, and each beautifully drawn by the Holmes Inc. veteran JEFF LONGSTREET.   The first of this group was written by another Holmes contributor who’s been with us since issue #1, Mighty Mike Marano.

We had two first-time participants for the next story, but you can’t tell.  Terror of Penitence House,  written by Oliver Ho (who first took my Writing for Comics class last summer, but he has been taking classes elsewhere, and all that learnin’ shows) . Eduardo Suarez Florido handsomely rose to the challenge of illustrating this spooky story using some techniques involving a computer and one of them new fangled drawing pads.  The final result is a tour de force of mystery and tension.

story by Oliver Ho, art by Eduardo Suarez Florido

And THAT’S just your taste of the first quarter of the quietly magnificent new issue we have coming your way!! Holmes Incorporated #3 will be available for sale at Fan Expo this weekend (as of Friday), in Booth 614, at Holmes Inc. Alumni Rachael Well’s booth A165, and at the Templeton-Smiths tables in Artists Alley, P30A and P30B, as well as a few other spots in the building.   Stop by and pick up your copy, and stay tuned for news on when you can download this issue digitally for FREE!  We’re here for the students and we’re here for the readers.  We want everyone to enjoy this one.

Who says this isn’t the Comic Book Bootcamp Age of Comics?

Ty the Guy OUT!!

Here now,  your BONUS Holmes Inc. Comic Book Moment:

Unpublished promotional artwork for Holmes Inc. #2 by Dawnson Chen.

 AND! If you’d like to learn how to write and draw your own comics, just like these creators did…be sure to check out the courses over at my Comic Book Bootcamp. There are still some spaces available in Writing for Comics Part One, and Drawing the Human Figure from your head.

Holmes? Did someone say HOLMES?

The Proud as a Peacock tour continues as I get to show off more and more work from the folks that move through my Comic Book Bootcamp courses.  Today we get a SNEAK peak at a SPECIAL edition of Holmes Incorporated, featuring the artwork of Holmes Inc. veteran Christopher Yao.

Christopher has contributed to every issue of Holmes Incorporated so far, and promises to help us usher in NEXT year’s annual.  But with a story in every ish,  we’re piling up to the ceiling with Yao artwork around here, and decided to release this ultra-cool ALL-CHRISTOPHER edition for his breathless fans.

I’ll keep you posted when both this regular sized issue and the 80 page giant annual are available for sale…we’ll hopefully have copies for the BIG FANEXPO coming up in just a few weeks.

The 80 page giant, including Christopher’s newest story, so you gets some YAO in your day, either way.

We’ll be returning to Christopher’s work in a few days when we give you a couple of pages from this issue’s sci-fi thriller “MURDER ON THE MOON”, written by Marvelous Mike Marano.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in taking the Comic Book Bootcamp Courses, and participating in a future Holmes Inc. issue, click the lovely logo below.

This is called “branding” when I keep showing you this logo. It’s working…it’s working…

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Christopher Yao Holmes Inc. Moment:

A pin-up by Christopher Yao for our sword swinging teenaged version of Sherlock Holmes the Third. You can call her Trey.

Holmes for the Holidays! Well, Labour Day, anyway!

It’s that time of year again!  When the stunningly skilled graduating class of my Comic Book Bootcamp courses show off their scriptin’ and drawin’ Bona Fides  in another ALL NEW 80 page GIANT issue of mystery-solving Holmsian magnificence.

Ya gotta love that cover by Mississauga neighbour, and bouncing Bootcamp Alumni Adam Gorham (artist for Big Sexy Comics’ TEUTON series, when not knocking a Holmes cover out of the park for the team!).

Like Game of Thrones, only better.

But back to these characters:

art by Daniel Wong, colour by K.T. Smith

Issue three is heading to the printers as we speak, and I’ll be showing off some pages from the delightful contributors in the next few days.  Check back often and be the first on your interweb to see these new creators before anyone else finds ’em and hires them away to run Marvel Comics.

And if you’re interested in joining the all-scriptin’, all-drawin’ elite team of artists and writers,  classes continue in September.  All ages, genders, orientations and and sizes are welcome, but we allow only one attitude past the door:  You must be willing to participate.

Click on the magic logo, and find about the next courses being taught at the school! We’d love to have you join.

Who knows, maybe next ish, you’ll have a story in the fourth book of the series?  We’ve already helped launch a career or two around here.   Stay tuned for the next batch of stars.

Holmes Inc. art by Gibson Quarter, colours by Keiren Smith.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Holmes Incorporated Moment:

Last Year’s striking cover by Marvel X-Factor artist Leonard Kirk!

H-Day has arrived!

If you’re reading this before seven o’clock this evening, then you’ve still got time to get down to the TORONTO CARTOONISTS WORKSHOP,  587A College Street (at Clinton) and join in the fun for our launch party, celebrating the new issue of Holmes Incorporated!  We’ll have issues in hand, performing conjurers, circus acts and a host of comic creators to talk to about working on the new issue, except for the circus acts and conjurers.

Artwork by Dawnson Chen.

But a room packed with the next generation of hot comic book creators should be reason enough to drop by.  WHERE are you going to find a room FULL of comic creators this weekend, all in one place?  I mean outside of San Diego, obviously…

And if you need more reasons to come over and say hello, then I’ll give them to you:  Preview pages from the Holmes Incorporated mega-collection, being published tonight!  I’d like to say I’m saving the best for last, but we always offer up the best here at Art Land, and I believe in honesty.   But here’s more of the best below.

As lovely as these pages are, they become lovelier when you realize that Vince Tourangeau (author and penciler) had never ever drawn a comic story before this one.  And I don’t mean he hadn’t been published before today, I mean he hadn’t EVER written or drawn one.  For his rookie gig, he gives us one of the coolest stories in the book, and I ain’t kidding.  You gotta read “Enabled” to see the twists and turns our new auteur had up his sleeve.  Our returning champion inker, Jeff Longstreet, gave these pages the spit and polish that only Jeff can, and it all adds up to a heck of a rookie card.   Come and meet ’em both tonight, and pat them on the back.

“She died of rage.”  If that ain’t a great line, then I should eat my shoes.  And the story just gets better from there!   But it was that wonderful line by author Sam Ruano that sold me on this script when he first pitched it at me.  And there’s nobody better to sell the story than his artist, Gibson Quarter.  Gibson’s a bit of a ringer in our group, as  he’s already worked with some big name creators  in his career (Judge Dredd creator Alan Grant, Miracle Man artist Gary Leach, to name-drop a few), but he’s kind enough to lend us his hands when we get a script this good.  I’ll bet both Sam and Gibson have a few comic book war stories to share with the gang at the launch party.

Writer/Artist Marshall Geddes is one of those people that really makes me mad.  Like Vince Tourangeau, this is ALSO his first ever story, and it’s remarkably good for his first time out of the gate.  But Marshall was only SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD when he started this tale.  He’s just turned eighteen, so you can’t buy him a beer yet.  But he’s annoyingly good for someone that young.  If I was that good when I was that age, I’d probably own Marvel Comics by now.  Normally I encourage our creators, but Marshall must be stopped before he rules the world.  Jeff Longstreet’s steps in to give us more of his mighty brushwork, and Jeff did it all while on vacation!  The dedication of this guy is frightening.  A pox on both of them for being so good at this without the normal decades of hard work.

If you recall from the first set of preview pages on Tuesday, our issue starts off with the memorable image of Sherlock Holmes’ open grave and his rotting body.  As an editor, I know how to pick a heck of a curtain raising image.  Well, “Safe” ends up with the most shocking moment of the collection, and you don’t get to see it unless you come on down to TCW tonight.  Or, of course, you can see it when the issue is distributed to local comic stores, and is available free online.  Actually, you’ll get to see it in a lot of places, but I promise you’ll remember it once you do.   Aaron Feldman’s dynamic script packs a gutshot punch that’s worth whatever wait you have, and Rachael Wells turned in pencils so lovely and detailed that I couldn’t help it…I grabbed my kit and inked this one myself.  I only hope those two were as happy with my inks as I was with their issue-ending thriller.  Why don’t you come on down tonight and get their opinion?

All right, that’s enough out of me.  If you ain’t excited by all this new talent on display than you ain’t a comic fan.  And if you ain’t a comic fan, than you’re not invited to the launch party tonight.

But everyone else is.

TORONTO CARTOONISTS WORKSHOP,  587A College Street (at Clinton).  I’ll see you there!

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Holmes Incorporated COMIC MOMENT:

The teenaged Sherlock Holmes the Third. Art and colours by Christopher Yao.

And don’t forget to download Issue #1, with an equally amazing array of talent and fun, including, Rachael Wells, Gibson Quarter, Christopher Yao, and Jeff Longstreet, showing off THEIR first work with the Holmes Family.   You can find the free download HERE:

I believe we can officially call this the TCW Age of Comics, right?

(and, as always, to check out bios of the creators, and links to sites with more of their work, check out the Holmes Incorporated website–kts)