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All New Feature Length Bun Toon! YAY!


Today is FanExpo Saturday, here in the Big Smoke (that’s local lingo for “Toronto”) and so the chance of me finding two magic minutes to rub together and create an all-new Bun Toon are impossible.  I’m already at the convention, signing issues of Batman 66, and sketching sketch covers of chibi Wolverine as you read this.  But fear not, loyal Bun Tooners, instead of handing you a re-run this year (as my lazy ass usually does when I’m at a comics convention), I’m giving you a never-before-seen story I recently drew for the latest issue of Holmes Incorporated.    At seven pages, it clocks in as the LONGEST Bun Toons in my fabled history, so take THAT, internet!  You can pick up the Holmes Incorporated comic book that features this (and many many more) stories by the skilled and talented Holmes Incorporated Bootcamp Bullpen at the convention at my booth!

Our fun and complex script is by Oliver Ho, and all you need to know going in is that the man in the wheelchair is named Edgar Holmes, and he’s Sherlock Holmes’ grandson, and the kid with the t-shirt is Artie, and he’s Edgar’s grand-nephew and they have adventures.








Later today, I’m co-hosting the Shuster Awards Ceremony (celebrating the best in Canadian comics creators) with my old friend, Rob Salem.  I’ll be sure to say something scandalous that will get me kicked out of the community’s good standing, so if you’re there, bring vegetables to throw.  The Bun Toons are nominated for a Shuster this year as Canada’s finest Web Comic, but after they saw the “Stick Figure Funnies” entry I did two weeks ago, I’m fairly sure they’ve taken my name off the nominating list, so you don’t even have to wish me luck.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Your Bonus Moment:  Because I’m still giving you a re-run.  Suck on that.

I wrote and drew this at a convention a couple of years ago where NO one attended, and I had the time to write and draw a three page story in my sketchbook while sitting there not talking to fans.    FanExpo is such a non-stop push of humanity that I doubt I’ll have those spare moments today, but you may enjoy my ill-spent time from 2011.


To read the Greatest Moments of My Life Bun Toons, click the greatest link on the internet.

To read the Greatest Moments of My Life Bun Toons, click the greatest link on the internet.

For the increasingly not-updated Bun Toons Archive (But it does go back YEARS!) click the Singing Pastry

For the increasingly not-updated Bun Toons Archive (But it does go back YEARS!) click the Singing Pastry

The Countdown BEGINS: Monday

The countdown to Fan Expo Canada 2012 begins!!  It’s Monday, so it’s only…no, don’t want to know, I have too much to do before Thursday’s opening at 4pm.

But–one of the things I need to do is show off some of the amazing art that came out of this year’s Fit-to-Print Holmes Incorporated workshop! 21 creators working together in different teams produced an incredible Issue 3!

Art by Adam Gorham, colours by Ty Templeton

First up, is Night of the Living, written by James Cooper , art by Brice Hall. This is the second Holmes Inc. for James, and Brice Hall’s first, but he took to it like an old pro. Besides art duties, Brice lettered his pages.  Gaze upon their beauty and wonder!  And you’ll get a chance to buy the issue at FANEXPO, or read the issue online in just another week or so…FOR FREE!!

story by James Cooper; art/letters by Brice Hall

Next up…Hologram Holmes written by Adira Rotstein. Although Adira is new to the world of comic book writing, she’s an established author having published her first YA novel, Little Jane Silver last fall (the sequel is currently in editing). She wrote a fun but touching story about our Holmes family that you’re going to LOVE when you read the full thing.

Eric Houstoun has the pencil duties on this story, his first ever published comic art.  I jumped in to add some inks and greytones (at Eric’s request), and the whole thing ended up being one of the most charming Holmes Inc. stories we’ve ever run.  See for yourself…

story by Adira Rotstein, pencils by Eric Houstoun

This issue of Holmes Incorporated includes a batch of ONE PAGE stories, each written by a different author, and each beautifully drawn by the Holmes Inc. veteran JEFF LONGSTREET.   The first of this group was written by another Holmes contributor who’s been with us since issue #1, Mighty Mike Marano.

We had two first-time participants for the next story, but you can’t tell.  Terror of Penitence House,  written by Oliver Ho (who first took my Writing for Comics class last summer, but he has been taking classes elsewhere, and all that learnin’ shows) . Eduardo Suarez Florido handsomely rose to the challenge of illustrating this spooky story using some techniques involving a computer and one of them new fangled drawing pads.  The final result is a tour de force of mystery and tension.

story by Oliver Ho, art by Eduardo Suarez Florido

And THAT’S just your taste of the first quarter of the quietly magnificent new issue we have coming your way!! Holmes Incorporated #3 will be available for sale at Fan Expo this weekend (as of Friday), in Booth 614, at Holmes Inc. Alumni Rachael Well’s booth A165, and at the Templeton-Smiths tables in Artists Alley, P30A and P30B, as well as a few other spots in the building.   Stop by and pick up your copy, and stay tuned for news on when you can download this issue digitally for FREE!  We’re here for the students and we’re here for the readers.  We want everyone to enjoy this one.

Who says this isn’t the Comic Book Bootcamp Age of Comics?

Ty the Guy OUT!!

Here now,  your BONUS Holmes Inc. Comic Book Moment:

Unpublished promotional artwork for Holmes Inc. #2 by Dawnson Chen.

 AND! If you’d like to learn how to write and draw your own comics, just like these creators did…be sure to check out the courses over at my Comic Book Bootcamp. There are still some spaces available in Writing for Comics Part One, and Drawing the Human Figure from your head.