Valentine’s Day Super-heroes in Love Bun Toons. YAY!

Love Bunnies Rule

It’s Valentine’s Day in just a few days.  Time to stuff your significant other with chocolates, just enough to make her feel too fat to want to make sweet love to you.   The ritual has always confused me.  Thank god we have comic books to sort it all out for us.

Ah, NOW it makes sense.  Happy smooching everybody!

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, you Romance Comic Moment of the Day:

Just a shot of penicillin, please, I have a date in an hour.


It’s not at all timely any more…but here’s last week’s bun toon link:  Click the image to be transported to a magical, distant time in history BEFORE the Packers won…

14 responses to “Valentine’s Day Super-heroes in Love Bun Toons. YAY!

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  2. Ty,

    Ya know, thank a whole lot for that one. The girlfriend heard me laughing so much she had to see what it was.

    Now I’m on the couch for a week.


    Steven G. Willis

  3. Wow. You managed to make Aquaman cooler than Superman. Not easy to do!

  4. Howl! I think I woke the hubby with all my laughing. The mermaid’s expression says it all! Thanks for sharing.


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  7. And from this Valentines day forth, a new oddball interview question was created….

    “If you could have any superpower, what would you(r wife) want it to be?”

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  9. Halloween Jack

    Mera’s expression made me laugh loud and hearty.

    • Thanks. That was one of those moments where that expression was the linchpin of the whole thing. I had drawn her face about five times before I found the right amount of shock and joy. Glad you noticed the extra effort.

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