Riverdale Deep, Mountain High Bun Toons. YAY!

Are you a Betty, or a Veronica? Take this simple test!

Time to turn our attention to the world of comics that people in the world of comics sometimes don’t consider to be in the world of comics.  By that, I mean comics not published by Marvel or DC.

Don’t worry, I’m still interested in super-heroes.  I’m not THAT well rounded. But today, we talk about…

Who thought they’d live long enough to see a world where Archie Comics is the brave, hip, upstart on the comic stands?  The one challenging the status quo?  The one kicking Marvel and DC’s ass on this issue?

And a big shout out to my man Dan Parent, who’s been doing all the heavy lifting on the Kevin Keller comic series.  Dan gets some love.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Bonus Archie Comics Super-Hero moment.

Forget the Mighty Crusaders for a moment...Does anyone else remember this old series...when Archie and the gang would turn into super-powered teenagers every now and then?

I have a bunch of these from my misspent youth. I thought they'd been entirely forgotten...

...but they've come back with ALL-NEW stories quite recently, with scripts by Tom DeFalco and art by Ron Frenz and Al Milgrom! The team that brought the world THOR turns to Riverdale and Captain Hero! Amazing stuff.


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33 responses to “Riverdale Deep, Mountain High Bun Toons. YAY!

  1. I remember the Pureheart stuff – that was the only thing that got me to read my sister’s Archie when I was a kid… Then I eventually started reading the rest… 🙂

  2. Dan Parent is signing here in Maine this afternoon — and the weather sucks so bad there’s no way I can get there. Sigh.

    (PS – I had that issue of Pureheart the Powerful!)

  3. Hmmm, and being in southern Arizona, I have to ask: how many Latino characters are in Riverdale?

    Could not resist…


    Steven Willis

  4. Like it? Frankly, I love it! Keep up the outstanding work.

  5. Steven: There are at least three with Frankie Valdez, Ginger Lopez and Maria Rodriguez as the most prominent. 🙂

  6. postmasterkeith

    @John. I was planning on heading south to Portland to see Dan today as well. Just spent 2 hours clearing snow out of the driveway. Taking a break before I go wrap it up, but I won’t be able to give in person kudos to Dan Parent either.

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  8. Paul the Curmudgeon

    It would have taken more guts to have Jughead come out of the closet. But Mr. Goldwater wasn’t THAT brave. He talks a good fight, though.

  9. “I’ve beeen a virgin since 1948.

    And I totally agree, who would have thought that Archie Comics would be the one challenging that particular status quo??

  10. Word! It’s great to see that world expanding…AND standing up to narrow-minded folk.

    …though you have to admit, when you first heard they were introducing a gay character, you wondered for a second if it would be Jughead 😉

    • Jughead LOVES food but in the Archie marries Betty or Veronica series he is engaged to Midge and they are running Pop Tate’s Malt shop!
      So he does like girls. : )

    • I don’t know where this is coming from. I never for a moment saw Jughead as gay. He’s a STONER! He can’t open his eyes, constantly has the munchies, is too lazy to do school work, and thinks he talks to his dog. Even the name “Jug”head is so obviously a parody of pothead, that it’s not even subtle. But gay? Where is that coming from?

      • I never really saw Jughead as gay myself, but since it’s a popular view/misconception/theory, had to ask if anyone else thought they were going that route. I think it comes from the girl-hating, as he’s in a bit of a bro-mance with Archie and prefers to hang out with him over anyone else.

        Ultimately, I think it was great to conceive someone new from the ground up and introduce them rather than “turn” a member of the existing cast gay. I like your theory about Juggie being a stoner, Ty. That never would have occurred to me, and now seems so obvious. I guess you never think of stoners having existed back in the ’40s.

        Very distressed to learn he put the moves on Midge, though, Hepburn. Where does that leave poor ol’ Moose? And Big Ethel?

  11. When first reading of comics started with Betty and Veronica and then I moved onto Wonder Woman and Batman.
    Archie comics are GREAT!! And I still read them from time to time!
    I was happy to see Kevin Keller and I am happy to see that Archie has a what if he married Valerie from Josie and the Pussycats!
    For a comic book that is often looked upon as “lame” by comic book guys it is far more progressive and ahead of the curve than Marvel or DC could ever be! : )
    Stellar post Ty! : )

  12. The best part about this is that Jon Goldwater’s defiant stand is so easily taken from this specific context and applied in general to the entire issue of LGBT equality. I certainly will not back down in my defense of my LGBT friends or disavow them to appease bigots, and I respect that this is the editorial position at Archie Comics.

    Also overlooked so far is the fact that Archie Comics are the only ones left on mass market newsstands. This is a much braver business risk than I think the average person realizes.

  13. This one I actually enjoyed a lot, I have been following Kevin Keller and even got to talk to Dan Parent about him at the expo…even got a free sketch!
    I did enjoy the Mighty Crusaders though, I always felt like Archie never went in strong enough with super heroes to really make it, that foot half way in the door thing that makes most new ideas fail.

    • I actually dig the Mighty Crusaders as well, and have a nearly complete run of the Red Circle Archie comics line-up (except a few issues of Sorcery).

  14. Travis Pelkie

    To me, the most interesting thing in this “debate” is to find out that Toys R Us sells comics. I’ll have to swing by my local one!

    I assume this is the same One Million Moms that wanted Ellen fired as the new JC Penney spokesperson. Which to me indicates that maybe they should be more concerned with their actual parenting than if there are some gays around shown in a positive light. The horror!

    C’Mon, Jughead expresses more interest in food than girls. He MUST be gay, right? Just like how Element Lad is “out of his element” when talking to girls. It’s science, or sum’in.

    Dan Parent. One Million Moms. Where have all the fathers gone?!

  15. Jughead’s not gay. He’s something way more unaccepted. Asexual. He doesn’t like sex at all, with anyone. Some people are like that. He doesn’t run from boys, because boys don’t chase after him. Though, he does have a pretty interesting reaction when he figures out that Kevin was hitting on him.
    At least, that’s how I always saw it.

  16. Isn’t Archie Comics trying another reboot of the whole Crusaders thing again?

    I have to admit, Archie Comics being so far at the forefront of this thing is really mind-boggling. I mean, three or four years ago they were still using the CCA stamp, right?

    At times it seems like Archie Comics is the Secret Empire: virtually ignored by mainstream comics readers, but selling more than virtually any other comics on the stands.

  17. I remember a Archie heroe’s story where they were fighting the Whistler, I think…they stop him with lemon juice which causes his lips to pucker. The image of that has stuck with me.

  18. Craig M. Hinch

    First off, I love your work, Mr. Templeton. As a kid, I was first introduced to your work through DC’s “Who’s Who”, and have eaten it up ever since.

    I’ve always read Archie Comics, and I loved the Impact! line from DC, and was sad that it didn’t work out. In any case, I’ve always read Archie stuff but it’s more often been not a major interest of mine.

    My brother and I would think up new storylines, where they have grown up, or we’d criticize how it’d is teaching kids to obsesses about romance, or whatever, but still often getting a digest at a grocery store.

    In the past few years, Archie has suddenly become more relevant and diverse than the Big Two. They cater to the kids and adult fans. The introduction of a gay character and not caring if people boycott them is amazing, but they also know how to keep up with the times. They have spoofs on what’s popular, such as Twilight and Jersey Shore; they have Mark Zuckerberg guest star, as well as having The X Factor vs American Idol, and even have Obama and Palin enjoying a soda together.

    They have had some character development in Jughead recently as the character leaves home to prove himself not just a lazy slob to his parents.

    I think people want to say he’s gay because if his often disinterest to girls, but I’ve read comments about him being flaming. Jughead is certainly not flamboyant. He’s also not the stereotype of a thin, NEAT, vain guy either. He’s shown throughout his existence that the main reason he isn’t into girls big time is because he sees how Archie and the gang act and doesn’t want that.

    The biggest thing Archie Comics has done, aside from a gay character that isn’t defined simply as a gay man, is the new” Life With Archie” series. At first the great story lines were marred by the Teen Beat aspect of it, but they’ve dropped that, and it is an amazing series. It’s very dark actually, in places, where *Spoilers* in the alternate lives have Veronica is presumed dead in a plane crash, Riverdale High destroyed, Veronica and Archie are divorcing, not to mention dealing with corporate takeover and theories of the multiverse. As for Jughead, in one life he’s splits with Midge, and in the other they are a happy couple expecting their first child, as are Chuck and Nancy. Yep, Jughead is virginless and has impregnated a woman.

    As for the wholesomeness of Archie, I hope it always stays, as there needs to be some reading material that is for all ages and bright in a dark world. I just wish there would be more exposure for their diverse characters, but they are trying more than before. There’s another new life for Archie, one where he marries Valerie from Josie and The Pussycats, and I think Betty is dating one of their Latino characters. More than that, I just wish we’d have Betty less addicted to Archie, allowing him to often use her, but perhaps they are doing that too.

    Oh yeah, in another move that has extreme conservatives boycotting them, the gang just finished meeting KISS, with alternate covers that are generally a far cry from what Archie is known for.

    They also have L’il Jinx grown up in a digital series/ collected trade, and continue to produce great Sonic the Hedghog comics, and now a Megaman series as well. They also had a digital offering up and running before DC or Marvel.

    Speaking of which, I’m now mainly collecting Archie Comics. DC Comics as it is disgusts and depresses me. Marvel is so franchised and corporate, and I dislike Bendis, so I don’t much buy them either. I’m not that interested in much else, but I do recognize their are other options. Still, I’m 35 and I’ve been into comics since I was three. I’m at the point where I feel I am ready to give it all up, which saddens me; however Archie Comics is now what’s keeping me involved. Things definitely have changed.

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  21. Bwahaha! Oh so true!
    Another top notch comic, Mr. Templeton!

  22. “Jughead a stoner.” Too funny. I’m thinking his real best friend is Shaggy.

  23. Archie Comics needs a gay character. Keller actually made the sales go up for the usually low sales figures. But it would take a whole army of gay characters to save Archie Comics nowadays. Maybe they could feature a Pride parade with thousands of gay characters. They also need to introduce some lesbian characters and transgenders in Riverdale. Because otherwise there is no hope for ol’ Archie!

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