Memory Tricks Bun Toons! What?

Again?  I did one of these yesterday?

Again? I did one of these yesterday?

Didja read yesterday’s Bun Toon?  Didja?

It’s up there as a link to yesterday.  Read that and then come back and read this:

memory tricks websize coloursEnhanced Honesty Plus.  It’s not just for American Media any more.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Your Bonus Moment isn’t a happy one… A Bun Toon from a little over a year ago…

neighbourhood watchmen


For last week's haunting Bun Toon (co-created with the wife!), click here

For last week’s haunting Bun Toon (co-created with the wife!), click here

For the Archive (Yes, it needs updating!) click here.

For the Archive (Yes, it needs updating!) click here.

5 responses to “Memory Tricks Bun Toons! What?

  1. Paul the Curmudgeon

    Is it possible to improve on any of the layouts – on any single panel of the layouts – in FIghting American? I always thought myself eccentric in thinking of it as Kirby’s masterpiece. Then I was comforted to read that he thought so, too. It would be a good classroom exercise – distribute the pages with the word balloons and captions only to students and see how their layout ideas compare with Kirby’s.

    • I’m not sure that proving to everyone that Kirby will always be better than you will do much for the collective ego of the students, so I may not try that exercise.
      I didn’t get to see most of the Fighting Americans until fairly recently (2001, or thereabouts) because my only exposure to ’em for decades was a really beat up copy of the Harvey reprint special from ’69 which had piss poor colour, and terrible reproduction of the reprinted stories. (Plus the only really “new” story is by Tuska, if I recall, the only “current” Kirby was a two or three page wrap-around of the origin story). So I never got to see them properly…the Marvel hardcover reprint, which I got in 2001, does give you fairly decent line reproduction of the Kirby art, but they had ’em all recoloured digitally by a monkey way down the bullpen food chain, and it’s filled with pinks and purples and oranges that are just hideous to behold. So again, didn’t love ’em that much. THEN I got the Simon/Kirby Super-Hero collection about two weeks ago, which includes the oversize reprint pages in their original colour, FROM THE ORIGINAL PRINTER’S FILES FROM THE FIFTIES (Joe SImon kept things like a pack rat), and then I got to see the glory of the pages. The covers especially look phenomenal in their original colour (and the splashes!). I’ve rediscovered them with this new restored release, and they are beeee-yootiful. It’s a pity they’ve been kept hidden for so long.
      But I got to say, the stuff where I’m rocking back and forth in Kirby heaven is the S/K Science Fiction Library hardcover I got a couple of months ago… with Race to the Moon, Three Rocketeers, Alarming Tales, Black Magic and Black Cat Mystery stories all from original Simon-Pack-Rat-Files. Some of that stuff is inked by Al Williamson and a bit of it is inked by Wood. And the stories are (for the most part) top notch little yarns, unlike the formula of the Lee/Kirby monster SF stuff, these tales are literate, thoughtful, and feel wholly different, while still playing in a WILD science fiction and fantasy milieu. As much as I love Grotto and Fin Fang Foom, one can take only so much of the Godzilla-Monster arrives, is defeated by lone scientist who is hiking in the woods/mountains/abandoned cave, who then wins the love of the daughter of the millionaire. The “ALARMING TALES” stuff is glorious.

      Ty the G

  2. That explains why Clint sometimes talks about some Ty, with longing…

    • Sometimes? You get Clint Eastwood drunk and he instantly starts singing one of the eighteen songs he wrote about me. There are moments in White Hunter/Black Heart that are CLEARLY about your humble blogger, the “metaphors” are a little too obvious (seriously, HOW many rabbits does he shoot and eat in that movie, COME ON!)….oh, and my people are in the middle of suing his bony Republican ass over the whole “Talk to the chair” thing, because he knows that’s MY bit. I’ve been doing that act since the ‘Frisco days. Fucking joke thief, he’s worse than Dane Cook.

  3. …but does he give tongue?

    *it had to be asked*

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