There's a lesson here for all of us.

There’s a lesson here for all of us.

I’m at the FANeXpo convention in Toronto as you’re reading this, doing sketches and saying hi to the fans… come on down and say hello, we’d love to have you, if you can fight the crowds and the heat.  (Hydrate, people, for GOD’S sake, hydrate!)

KIM DAVIS small BW rev

My favourite part of this whole story is how quickly Karma came and got her.  She’s not allowed to raise money on GOFUNDME, she’s sitting in a federal jail, she’s clearly going to lose her job, and very few of the presidential candidates on the Republican side came to her defence.  Just the really silly ones, like Huckster-abee.


Ty the Guy OUT!

As a kid, I used to collect any comics I could find, and that sometimes included Christian Comics…

god smuggler

the artwork was by professionals (like Marvel’s Al Hartley) and the story telling was not too bad.

gospel blimp

and sometimes it got weird.

Again, whee.


for last week's Bun Toon (two about politics in a row! I'm clearly a pundit) click here

for last week’s Bun Toon (two about politics in a row! I’m clearly a pundit) click here

For the Bun Toon archives, going back YEARS, click here!

For the Bun Toon archives, going back YEARS, click here!


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  2. Ok, but isn’t it very messed up to PUT HER IN JAIL????? What’s wrong with, you know… firing her?
    While she did wrong, what they did to her is equally wrong, and two wrongs do not a right make.
    I still don’t understand why she couldn’t simply lose her job, and then it was over.

    • There was simply no other choice. She is an elected official, who cannot be “fired” from her position because there is no one authorized to do so. Elected officials can be impeached, but in her case, it could not happen until a special legislative session in January. That’s another four months of NO ONE in her county being allowed to marry (she was refusing all licenses, not simply for same sex couples, because otherwise she’s CLEARLY in violation of the equal protection amendment and would be an open and shut discrimination charge.) The reason she went to jail is her choice, no one else’s…the judge gave her four choices: 1) Issue the licences as her job requires, 2) Resign her position and allow her deputy to take over 3) Allow her deputy to issues licenses without her signature 4) Go to jail. She had THREE other options, none of which caused her harm, but she chose the fourth route. It’s likely because her lawyers, a group of homophobic monsters with a long history of membership in hate groups (well documented) are goading her into these actions because they’re fundraising off this woman like it’s Christmas. She’s probably not that smart, and might not realize her lawyers are using her as a stalking horse and cash cow, to mix a metaphor.
      And recall, her “Christian” values only extend to hating the gays. She herself is thrice divorced (a clear violation of a f***ing commandment), has two illegitimate children created through adultery (commandment) has been photographed wearing clothing of two fabrics (Leviticus, the same book that outlaws homosexuality is equally adamant about cloth weaved from two sources), so her defence of religious conviction is an easily shredded tissue of lies.
      She is not being “jailed for practising her religion” as some of the world’s morons are saying, but instead she is being jailed for 1) refusing to uphold her oath of office (sworn on a bible, by the way, and abandoning oaths is considered far more monstrous than homosexuality in the bible, look it up),2) for using her legal powers to force OTHERS to comply with her religion, whether they want to or not (the definition of religious oppression) and 3) most importantly: contempt of court. She tried to get the court to allow her defiance three or four times, and was willing to abide by the court decision, as long as she agreed with it. A nation where the laws and court orders are obeyed only by those who agree with them is a nation of complete anarchy, without any law.
      Kim Davis gave the judge absolutely NO choice in the matter. There is no “wrong” in what they “did” to her, as not one thing “done” to her was anyone’s choice but hers. She volunteered for jail for the publicity.
      Stupid, stupid, hateful bigot monster.

      • Well, I see a whole lot of hate coming out for your comment. Thankfully, I’m Italian, and the only reason I heard about that woman was because of the Internet – otherwise, the news report here obviously never mentioned this case that is apparently pretty big in the USA.
        So, let’s just say I have an outside view of the whole situation, something Americans don’t have (wether they’re with her or against her).

        All I wanted to know was that she actually had normal, reasonable options, such as resigning her position or letting someone else make those documents; but she actually -chose- to go in jail. If that’s the case, it was just her own stupid decision and all is right.

        As for you, Ty, be careful about hating so much on stupid people. At one point you’ll risk to hate them so much that you will become like them, and that way, they’ll still have won.

  3. I used to have a TON of those Spire Christian Comics when I was a kid. Until I was old enough to understand that artists could work with more than one publisher, I thought there was some bizarre connection between Spire and Archie.

  4. OH MY GOSH!! I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT ABOUT THAT!! I know I had a number of those issues as well.

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