The Customer Is Always Right Bun Toons! YAY!

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Even when the customer is aggressively wrong.

The thing I like best about the internet is the accuracy of information dissemination, and the speed at which bandwagons careen down a hill.


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For those brave souls that went out and bought a copy of the all new Captain America #1, you probably discovered the issue was well written, beautifully drawn and a fun ride all around.  For the rest of you, congratulations on believing the internet. You must be very proud.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Because I mentioned it, I have to bonus everybody with a few moments from Cap’s greatest storyline…

cap wolf 4

cap wolf 6

Amazingly enough…in the days before the internet, we didn’t set fire to copies of Man-Wolf and youtube it.

We simply endured.

nazi cap

Of course, back in the 70s, Marvel ACTUALLY did do a Captain America story where he became a Nazi…but it was a sort-of “evil twin” Cap (a guy who’d had surgery to look like Steve Rogers, who was more than slightly driven crazy by a cut-rate version of the Super-Soldier formula).   Naturally, this story didn’t spit at Joe Simon and Jack Kirby because they were both working for DC Comics at the time.




for the Bun Toon archive of years gone by, click here.

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13 responses to “The Customer Is Always Right Bun Toons! YAY!

  1. Travis Pelkie

    Exactly. It’s like people have never heard of a plot twist, or a cliffhanger, or the concept that everything isn’t going to be resolved in one issue.

    Which is funny, because these days, a one issue plot gets stretched out into multiple story arcs….

    On a completely different topic, I finally acquired a copy of Bigg Time. YAY!

  2. Charles H. Bryan

    “By a show of torches . . .” Cracked me up.

    I bought the book after the brouhaha and really enjoyed it, which shouldn’t have surprised me – I’very always liked Nick’s writing.

    Well done again, Ty.

  3. Yeah, the first thing people asked was if this were a plot twist.
    Clone Cap? Evil-twin Cap? Brainwashed Cap?

    Nope! In this case, Forbush went outside and told the mob that Cap has ALWAYS been a Hydra agent and that this is totally Steve Rogers, no foolin’. That statement then made the social-media rounds. The mob didn’t originally have pitchforks and torches, but it sure does now!

    Folks are fine with “plot twists”. But that ain’t this. Pair it up with the Red Skull directly aligning himself with modern conservative values (then try actually cracking a history book open and smack yourself with it before saying “yep, that’s a Nazi for ya”). with FemThor running into an “alt-right” godling who espouses “unsolicited opinions on Israel”. And so on.

    It’s entirely believable that Marvel has shit the bed because, frankly, Marvel has been shitting the bed for some time.

    • If you actually thought that Dpencer and Brevoort would come out and say, “Chill out guys, it’s just the cosmic cube, or a clone, or brain washing,” you must not have been reading comics for very long. Listen to the recent Word Balloon with Spencer. He says he flat out lied when promoting the book initially in order to hide the twist. Even the solicitations in Previews were lies. Why do you think he’s telling the truth now? Did you also think Dan Slott was telling the truth when he swore up and down that Spider-Man was going to be Doc Ock forever?

    • Am I the only one who found the “unsoliticed opinions on Israel” bit to be both clever and funny?
      ….I guess clever and funny doesn’t sit well in superhero comics nowadays.

      I’m too used to certain Batman graphic novels.

      • I never understood the backlash that that panel received – if I’m not mistaken, the narrator of the series can be unreliable and was trying to make the person she was describing more ‘evil’, or at least unlikeable, than he appeared.

  4. Well, no dhu, I know it’s going to turn out that he’s infiltrating Hydra or that he’s brainwashed or that he’s not the real Cap but a skrull/clone/robot/certified copy.
    But I wish I could be gullible like all the people outraging because they need their weekly dose of internet pitchforks. Not because I’d join the angry mob, mind you. But because I’d love the idea of Cap REALLY being a double-faced Hydra member.
    Always had a soft spot for heroes turning bad, especially when it has implications of political satyre and when it’s a character like Cap.

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  7. Hi, big fan here. I hope you know me from my blog The Fabulous Fifties. If not, have a look around at I would love to use your Captain Nazi strip in a news column I do for a Dutch comic strip magazine. Please contact me at my email adress below.

    • I don’t know if you get an alert if I post on here…but sure, you can translate my strip if you need to. (Link me to it when it’s translated, I get a hoot out of seeing that stuff). Otherwise, by all means! And, by the way, I had your website bookmarked a while ago, mostly for the Al Williamson and Kirby stuff you show off…and of course, the Meskin.

      • I have been a fan of your work and the crisp inking since… well, shortly after Stig’s Inferno, because I went back to buy that. Some sort of humor thing I guess. So I win.

  8. Oh, I know. It was Mad Dog.

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