Trying Their Best Bun Toons! YAY!


Bless their hearts.



I’ve always felt John Constantine’s appeal was how completely unappealing he is.  I mean, for sexiness, he comes in second to a swampy muck monster in the series he was introduced in.



Seriously, did Hellblazer ever hook up with Heather Locklear?  Case rested.


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8 responses to “Trying Their Best Bun Toons! YAY!

  1. Maybe Constantine’s appeal is that he used to look like Sting. I don’t understand why the fictional character has aged less well than his inspiration. Is this like a Dorian Gray thing? Sting maintains virility while Constantine turns to crap?

  2. On Paradise Island, homosexuality is straight—heterosexuality is queer. If you want a nonconforming Wonder Woman, she has to be hetero or bi. Making her gay is no more subversive than having her become a member of the Log Cabin Republicans.

    • That’s sort of built in to the Wonder Woman legend. The reason she originally wants to go to “Man’s World” is because she’s intrigued by Steve Trevor, and doesn’t understand the stirrings she has for him. Exactly as you described. That’s what Rucka is talking about in his interview, and the whole point of OBVIOUSLY pointing out that Amazons are lesbian, and that Diana is likely their first bisexual citizen in many centuries. I wasn’t poking DC for that…only their proclivity for tall, white, sexy, female bisexuals.

  3. I’m a bit annoyed with this idea that “of course” all the women on Paradise Island are lesbian or bisexual, because they’re living on an island with only women for thousands of years.

    When Perez wrote and drew it, he early on had Wonder Woman make a casual reference to the women on Themyscira approaching sex in a myriad of ways, including the inference that some of them were strictly heterosexual and celibate.

    I prefer the idea of a variety of orientations being respected rather than the somewhat overreaching assumption that “of course” they’re “all” having sex with other women.

    I just think Perez approached it with a more matter of fact, casual attitude than Rucka, and Perez focused very heavily on strong platonic bonds of love between the women on Themyscira, something that I found much more interesting than the somewhat cruder references to Wonder Woman not just being bisexual but having a long string of casual female sexual partners.

    Ah, maybe I’m just growing old and grumbling too much about all my favourite characters changing too much.

  4. Fanny Bumpers! Lol!

  5. I think that WW would be considered Demisexual. I think that she has to have a meanful bond with anyone before things progressed. I don’t think she would just hook up just to get her rocks off or be as cavalier about Jenny Sparks or Swift from the Authority.

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