X-Men Spoiler Bun Toons On The Road! YAY!

Through rain, or sleet, or a trip to Montreal…

It`s the Montreal Comic Convention this weekend, and I`m happy to be attending…but it takes me far away from my home computer, my scanner, and all my happy places.  Still…nothing will stop the Bun Toon, if I can help it…so I sketched this out on the kitchen table at my sister-in-law`s place, and drew it at postage stamp size to get it to fit on my brother-in-law`s teeny scanner.

I did my best.

I was glad that Johnny Storm un-died long enough to go to Charlie`s funeral.  And who knows who will un-die next…there are rumours.

NOTE:  I drew everyone`s costume wrong.  I had no comics to reference their correct colours.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Dead Professor X Moment:

It`s always bittersweet to remember the first time someone dies.


For last week`s Bun Toon, drawn in the safety of my very own home, click above.

For every Bun Toon ever (drawn in locations around the world!) click the well traveled bunny above.


16 responses to “X-Men Spoiler Bun Toons On The Road! YAY!

  1. Bravo, Mr. Templeton! Everything that makes “event” books such a waste, in one Bun Toons!

  2. I like that you drew an X-Man as background filler, and just stuck an X on his forehead.

  3. David T.G. Riches

    Don’t worry it’s just another chapter in the Clone Wars! 😉

  4. Well played, Ty. Well played.

  5. That last panel is brilliant. You nailed the dialogue and Professor X’s body language. On-the-Road Bun Toons YAY!

  6. Um… Sorry… That moniker’s left over from leaving a message on my cousin’s daughter’s blog. 8^)

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  8. Dang, Ty, you have got to do more these “teenies on the road”. I guess the reduced thought effort made the humor that much more enjoyable for all of us. Really, this is one of your betters!


    Steven Willis

    • Thanks! Yeah, there’s an interesting energy when you draw something quickly, or so small you can’t put details in…it makes you draw JUST the essentials. In the original version of this bun-toon, each of those panels is probably 2″x2″. It was a teeny scanner.

  9. Yeah, but when he comes back, he’s going to be 7 years old and slightly less white. The resulting global outrage will cause the Internet to literally explode and, before you know it, civilization will have collapsed, and there will be nothing to eat except human flesh.

    • Not “nothing but human flesh”, surely. We must have a nice salad and rice, or it wouldn’t be civilized. Perhaps a Bordeaux.

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  11. Excuse me, but if past experience is any guideline, human flesh is best served with a side of ketchup flavoured potato chips, a grape Juice box, and a Hostess Snowball. The pink one, not the white one. The white one will repeat on you….

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