The Scissors of Destiny, Part III


Watch closely for the part where white privilege keeps me from being arrested.

Sorry this wasn’t here last week…I was doing an appearance for a local comic store’s birthday party.  We return to the saga of the scissors I had taken from me at Toronto Airport, still in progress….

Here’s part one and part two if you’ve missed them….

And now….


The tear-jerker conclusion next week is worth the wait, I promise.  There won’t be a dry eye on the internet.


Ty the Guy OUT!

Scissors and comic books.  Such a natural fit.





for the bun toon archive of years past, click here

11 responses to “The Scissors of Destiny, Part III

  1. Spoilers, dude, right there in the next episode title. Ugh.

  2. DUDE. Jesus, this is the most brutal damn cliffhanger I’ve ever read/seen/heard.

  3. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The suspense is killing me!

  4. You’re confusing white privilege with Canadian privilege. An easy mistake to make.

  5. This is better, more exciting, than any current comic I’ve read in years!

  6. GODDAMNIT TY, now we have to wait another week. THE STAKES ARE HIGH.

  7. I am more emotionally engaged in these scissors than I have been in any character from a DC comics movie since The Dark Knight

  8. GEEZ TY!!!! Why is this not a BOOK!!? If you don’t get your scissors back, I’m gonna punch somebody in the throat!!….well….maybe not…but, there must be a way!!!

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